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Monday, April 1, 2019

One DIY Blog Crush and Some Pretty Epic Tee Makeovers

If you've been on my blog for more than 3 seconds, you already know that I am a DIY fanatic.  Like I need DIY Anonymous fanatic.  It is a condition however, that I hope to never, ever find a cure for. :)

So, as all crafters like to do, we are always scouting our next project.  Mine just happened to be a small heap of cast-a-way t.shirts that my hubby no longer wants.  Ahem, well, I did help him a little to reach that conclusion but hey, tomayto, tomahto...:)

Anyway, there I was on the web enjoying all the dIY inspiration for my new project when, boom!  I landed on a blog that made me do a double take. I mean this lady is like my DIY twin.  We have similar taste, style and creativity.  How do I know this, well I was still there 2 hours later on a busy day like today.  I heart her blog to the 10th...   Her site, Trash to Couture, was created in 2010 to inspire a less wasteful approach to the mass-produced fashion mainstream through DIY sewing tutorials and repurposed fashions. So smart, so fab! 

                                        This tee was made with a doily.....can't wait to try this!

One of the things I like most about her projects are the fact that the finished product always look so polished, tasteful and chic. Like they were meant to become what they are. I love that! "I want to make everything on her site.

 I.  Am.  So.  Not.  Kidding. :)

 But, before I skip on down the bunny trail, let us start with that heap of shirts I mentioned.  These are the inspiration for my tee makeovers, and they are all from Trash to Couture.  What do you think?


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