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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Little Bit A FarmHouse In My Lifeeeeeee!!!

I made this from twigs and shells.  These blooms will never wither!!! :)

I really don't understand what is happening with me but man, am I making things these days!!!! My crafting energy is through the roof.  In the last two weeks I have tiled a table, a vanity, made bracelets, necklaces, a floral arrangement, A farmhouse graphic sign, a large abstract Art, designed numerous prints and now I am working on hand painted coasters.  The artistic force has been strong with this one lately!!!

So without much ado here are some of the goodies these hands lovingly forged....And by the way, I have been really feeling modern farmhouse design so these for the most part inspired by that style.

My first attempt at a Farmhouse hand painted wall hanging......I really like how it turned out. :) I just grabbed a piece of left over wood from my husband's stash and stained it with black liquid shoe polish/stain. Say what?? Yes, I did. It worked like a charm, plus it has an applicator for easy application.  Why did I use shoe polish instead? Well, it allowed some of the wood to show through, it dried very fast, is a permanent stain and did I say how easy it was to do? lol. It was.

Aren't these gorg???!!! My brother-in-law gifted these lovely sea fans to me and the blue tiled table is the one I mentioned above. I tiled it but have not grouted it yet.  I had so much fun going mad Max on those tiles with a hammer.  Who knew!!!

 The Abstract painting shown here only took me about 30 minutes to paint but it is so light and airy in the space. Perfect for the area where it now resides.  Can't wait to paint another.  I like the challenge of painting without thinking of a specific image.  So freeing!!

Finally the jewelry.  I like to recycle beads and pendants and I also love incorporating nature into my pieces...hence the lovely tamarind seeds in the bracelets and the reclaimed wooden beads.  I also used recycled glass beads.  That seafoam green color gets me every time.  It's  hands down my fav.

Well, that is all for now but rest assured, lots more to come.  I hope this inspires you to go a little  craft crazy yourself.  You never know what you can create.


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