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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Top 5 Naturalista Products!

Hello lovelies!  

Today am gonna give you the scoop on my favorite products. And trust me, I am NOT someone to share a product unless it is life changing.   The products below are "till death do us part" .   Seriously.

1.  Cantu -  Sistas...sigh, you know how it is when you try to tame your hair but your hair says "No not today! and refuse to cooperate...."  This is a job for Cantu.  

I have very thick coarse natural hair that has a tendency to dry out very quickly and break if not addressed soon enough.  Cantu changed all that for me.  Now, my hair is soft, moisturized and super healthy.  No more breakage what so ever. What I love best is that, as soon as you put a little on your hair, literally in seconds your hair is soft. It's like my hungry hair just devours it instantly. My hair strands are so strong, my husband jokes that he can sew with them.  :)

Some people have an issue with Cantu because if you apply too much it can leave a bit of residue which makes the hair take on a little whitish tinge to it.  I personally do not have this issue. Nothing else that I have ever tried works like this so residue or not....I ride or die with ma cantu.

2. Dudu Soap  -  Warning: TMI Ahead

 So, I live in the Carribbean and here, dudu means poop. Sorry, TMI I know but it's true.  And, due to that fact, I was turned off from this soap for the longest time. Then, one day my sister had a rash and a pharmacist recommended this soap. Long story short, she got great results in one week!  I decided at that point to jump in!

Let me tell you, this soap is the truth! It lathers and cleans like no other soap I have used, ever. My skin hates soap so the fact that I can even use this soap without breaking out is amazing to me.  I have used all sorts of natural shea butter soaps before and NEVER had these results.  My skin loves it.  In one week I went from having a bad breakout out of hormonal acne and dark marks to acne totally disappearing and the marks are significantly lighter.  And, like I mentioned, this happened in the first week! 

3. Hemp Oil 

If you can get this oil, RUN and go get some.  My love of hemp oil started when someone I love and respect recommended it to me.  He said it changed his life and that it could do the same for me and so I bought one to see what the hype was.  Best decision ever!!!!!

I used to take vitamins and Cod liver oil to get all the nutrients my hair needs to thrive and also for my overall heath.  One of my objectives was to get as much omega 3s in my diet as possible since it is so good for my hair, skin, bones and well being.  When I started taking hemp it changed my omega 3 game totally.  Instead of taking 4 different things to get enough omega 3's I only take hemp oil. It is loaded with omega 3s so I get all I need from one product..  My hair has grown so much and it is so thick and healthy. My skin also has a lovely glow and I feel very good overall.  Hemp is also good for pain.  I use my hemp oil for headaches, as a rub on my sore muscles, for any kind of skin irritation, and on my hair.  Every night I take a tsp before bed and I sleep like a baby.  E V E R Y night.  And trust me, prior to this I suffered from insomnia so I loooooovvvveeee my hemp oil.  We are pals for life.

4. Charcoal 

 As we age our teeth can become discolored among other issues so it is good to do what we can to help them not to look Sponge Bob-ish in color.  Just sayin...

I personally use charcoal.  I stumbled on it when I was on Amazon a few years ago and never looked back.  My sister also reminded me that our grandma ONLY used this product. I did not remember that until she reminded me and it is true. My grandma had a beautiful smile until she passed at 97.  Charcoal will lighten your teeth with the first use and it cleans like no other!  It looks gross while you are brushing with it am not gonna front but after you rinse thoroughly, you will not regret it.  

5. Sudden Change Facial Mask


Last but not least, my favorite facial mask.  This green tea mask softens, tightens, brightens and rejuvenates the skin like no other I have used....and the price is just as incredible.  Less than 10 bucks folks, now you can't beat that with a stick!  It is well worth looking green like the hulk for a little while. :)  Trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

And there you have it lovelies, I have attached all of the links so you can check these products out for yourself.  Let me know what you think! 


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