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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rags To Riches - DIY Rag Rug Inspiration

This is literally a rag to riches story. Well, sort of.  I'll explain.

Have you ever seen one of these beauties? Am sure you have at some point in your life.  Can you believe they were made from rags? Yes, you heard right. Rags, my friends. These rugs were crafted from old clothing and fabric that we all have lying around the house including my personal fav, old t.shirts! 

What I love about Rag Rugs

Unique look/design

Awesome texture

Versatility (could work in any part of a home)

Easy to clean

Totally recycled/green

As you may already know if you have visited my blog for more than I minute... I love, love, love a DIY project!  But, what I love even more than that is making something meaningful from otherwise discarded or useless things. 

In other words, I saw these rugs and that was it. Love at first sight. I just knew that I had to make one of these rugs. I presently own 2 of these gorgeous rugs already (I bought them) but now I am gonna jump in and make one!.  So siked! :)

Here is a video that will show you how it's done! Enjoy. :)


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