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Friday, March 16, 2018

Sour Power! - Lemons, Why We Love Them

I may be a tad biased but lemons in my opinion are extraordinary!  Though they do not get the same recognition that apples receive, they are just as important to us health-wise and other wise. If not more so. Lemons are underrated rockstars in the fruit game. Seriously.  

Think about all the medicine you take to get well, especially if you have a cold.  More than likely a few of them use lemons as an additive or primary ingredient.  Lemons are so powerful for our health that lemon water is one of the most popular daily recommendations for optimum health.  

Check out more health benefits here: 

Aside from healing our bodies, lemons also dominate the food game! I mean, what would we ever do without, lemoncello, lemon chicken, or lemonade???? I personally cannot imagine a world without lemon merinque.  Oh, the horror!!!!!

Lemons are as versatile as they are yellow.   The lemon can be used effectively in so many ways, including as decoration in home decor.  Lemons look fresh and stylish on bedding, dishware, wall art, figurines and so much more.  There is absolutely nothing more refreshing than drinking a delicious frosty glass of lemonade while relaxing on bedding decorated with lemons.....don't ask me how I know that. :)

Among all the other feats that lemons have accomplished, they also are a force to be reckoned with when it come to Fragrances and Beauty items.  That fresh citrus smell combined with a wealth of nutrients, especially vitamin C makes the lemon perfect for creating effective skincare and titillating fragrances.  Lemons will always be sought after in this regard. Why? Well, because they are proven to work!

Last but not least. Lemons in fashion! This blouse says it all.  
Beautiful, classic design with a modern edge.  So chic, so stylish.  
Long live the lemon!!! 


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