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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

With Love From The Bahamas - Junkanoo!

Hello Lovelies!

Yes, I have been awol for a while but I have lots to share with you! In my next post I will let you know where I disappeared to all this time and why I took a break from blogging.  I love you all. :)

Now for some exciting stuff.
I bring you the greatest cultural festival on earth!

This stunning explosion of Art, expression and color is called JUNKANOO which is one of the truest expressions of Bahamian culture.  If you are from the BAHAMAS, you bleed Junkanoo. End of story.

Junkanoo is held on Boxing day and New years day.  It is a spiritual experience that is unlike anything you will ever experience.  The closest to it is Carnival.  But, even Carnival does not even come close.  Imagine a parade more than 1000 strong with people wearing and carrying the most creative, stunning 3d Art pieces ever created.  Now imagine more than half of the members masterfully playing music in unison.  The most energetic rythmic pulsating, hypnotic "get in your marrow" music.  The music is so infectious you literally lose control....

As you dance to the sound of

Goat Skin Drums.


Custom made
Cow Bells!

And other instruments.

There are many groups and they all dance and perform
with unbridled intensity and passion.

It is phenomenal.  

All that and some biscuits!

(And this Bahamian girl is not biased at all. :) 


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