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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beyond Be-Leaf! - The Beauty and Style of Leaves

 I am totally infatuated with leaves.  Yeah, I know it sounds a lil weird but as long as I long as I could remember.  Leaves has always been a fixation for me.  I grew up in the Bahamas where the tropical plant life is in abundance so perhaps this was the beginning of my leaf-mania. Who knows. :)  

Leaves to me, represent life.  They are true representations  of nature, tranquility and freedom. 

Leaves are powerful.

 They can transport you to a tropical island without ever leaving your home. 

Source: Overstock

Leaves, especially tropical leaves, are the perfect way to infuse your home with that island style many of us crave. Ferns, palm branches and banana leaves are wonderful accents to your decor. You can also feature various leaves as framed wall prints, trendy wallpaper, or as fabric prints like throw pillows, bedding, throw rugs or curtains.

Leaves are perfect for formal events, because they are so versatile!  Most of us envision green when we think of a leaf but leaves come in a wide array of colors including multicolored, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, gray and even blue. Leaves also comes in an abundance of different shapes. Because of this fact, it is perfect for just about anything decorative, which includes floral arrangements and wedding decor. You can basically come up with different color combinations and shapes to create the most spectacular looks with minimal effort.  Most times all you need is a vase or a ribbon to secure your bouquet and you are done!

Croton Plant - source: plantscapers

Leaves are also an excellent choice because they literally cost you NOTHING. You can collect them yourself and just let your imagination do the rest.  You can glue them, spray them, stamp them or even stitch them. But, if you are particularly not feeling creative, Pinterest has an abundance of ideas to inspire you!.  

Source: Tory Burch

Ok, so while I am in confession mode, I might as well let you know that I also have a cabbage leaf obsession as well.  Particularly in dishware. It's sort of a thing with me, lol.  I know some folks think it is tacky but I don't care.....get over it!   Cabbage leaves are hawt! 

Leaves are a staple in Fashion.  I remember as a kid reading about ancient Rome and saw for the first time the solid gold braided leaf crown crown worn by the Roman Emperor Ceasar. It was a "wow" moment for me.  Still takes my breath away to this day.  More than this though, it's beauty and elegance continues to inspire and innovate modern fashion today. Leaf Art and design were here from the beginning of time and they are here to stay! for about $20 bucks!

Designers like Tommy Bahama and Panama Jack have leveraged the power of leaves and tropical foliage very successfully. They have primarily built empires around leaves..... how amazing is that! 

Ralph and Russo Stilettos

Leaf belts from

Chloe 2017

Source: amiclubware

Source: Missguided

Source: Missguided

                                                         Source: charlotteolympia

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