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Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Sequin Blouse Of Mine - Am Gonna Let it Shine!

I guess by now you can see that I am am partial to off the shoulder pieces especially. Can you blame me?  These are stunning!

  I adore this blouse!  I think I just drooled a little bit.  :)     

One of my favorite looks is to pair a sequin top with jeans, a pencil skirt or shorts, add some heels and bam! It is a look that is fresh, sexy and naughty at the same time. I love the way a sequin top goes so easily from day to night.

 The versatility of these blouses are what draws me to them as well.  You can style them in so many ways.  Plus, they come in so many different styles and fantastic colors.

If you are not brave enough to wear sequins all over, you can choose a more toned down version of the sequin blouse like this.

 Or a look like this!  This is my personal favorite look by the way.  So fab! 

 Well, I really hope that this post inspires you to add some more sparkle to your life.  Trust me, you are going to love it! 


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