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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hats - Keep Cool, Look Smokin Hot!

One of my favorite go to accessories when I want to amp it up a bit is a hat.  They are so much fun! And cool. And always in style.  

What I love best is the variety of styles you get to choose from.  Let me tell you, it is endless.  The only downside is, if you are someone like me who likes a different look based on how am feeling from day to day...well let's just say you can go cray cray get carried away shopping with so many options available.  

And so with warning shot fired, check out my favorite style hats at your own risk.  

The newsboy style cap is an absolute must for a fashionista.  They are very versatile and can be worn with either a suit or with a t-shirt and jeans. Most of all, these hats are stylish, classic and never disappoints. And, they are great in hot or cold weather so, either way you win!  

The difference between a Newsboy cap and a Flat cap
The news boy cap is very similar to a flat style cap which as it sounds is more flat, has a snap enclosure at the front and is less rounded than the newsboy cap.  Choosing between the two really depends on your personal taste or preference, but most people refer to both styles as newsboy caps.  

If you are looking for a classic style hat that is chic and sophisticated the Fedora is the perfect choice for you! There are many different styles and colors to choose from. From the super dramatic accented with feathers or blinged out, to the very streamlined and simple. 
These hats look awesome with formal attire, but they also work just as well with casual looks. The fedora is worth is weight in gold and adds so much to a wardrobe.  I can tell you from experience, you cannot go wrong with one of these hats. 
 TIP: Try on many hats until you find one that that compliments your face structure and skin tone and you will have years of great fashion moments in this hat, not to mention, lots of wonderful compliments...

Baseball caps are not for everyone, but for those of us who like them, these caps can be very fashionable. It is all about the styling. I love infusing femininity into my outfit when I wear one of these. For example, if you wear a baseball hat, wear heels, lipstick, a fitted blouse/skirt, a pony tail or your hair down to balance the masculine energy of the hat. Rihanna here is killing this look!.......and that's what am talkin about!

Finally, the Military style cap.  I have a very soft spot for men in uniform and one of my favorite colors is army green so you have to excuse me if am somewhat biased here.  Every time I put on my army cap I feel like I could kick some serious booty!  These caps make me feel like a baddddddd "shut your mouth" girl!  
In the pic above, Rihanna is working this look!  You can too. If are not as brave just pair yours with jeans, a plain or cute tee and sandals or heels. Done!  
Tip: The trick is not to wear so much camouflage that you look like you are going to war.  Not a good look.  When it comes to this look, a little camouflage goes a looooooong way...
Well, I hope this post encourages you to try one or a couple of these hat styles.  If you do, I would love to hear about it!


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Momma Melly said...

SO nice!! I never wear hats! But, this post makes me want to! That's it, next time I'm out, I'm buying a hat! :)