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Friday, May 29, 2015

Eye Poppin Neon Colors - Spring Fashion For The Brave!



The eye popping, pigment extravaganza better known as Fluorescent/neon colors are here!!   Like it or not, it is here and show no signs of going any where soon.  I personally like it.  A lot!


For a while now we have been color deficient, a little pop here and there but for the most part, scurd scared of real color experience.  Well, this is it.  The 8o's revisited in all of it fabulous tie dyed, acid wash, neon CRAZY glory. 


Neon colors are making an appearance in nail polish colors, lip sticks, they are on umbrellas, dresses, watches, accessories, and even on pets. And so, if you are prepared to stop traffic and stimulate eyeballs all around you, these fluorescent-colored fashions are the way go!

From high end and famous designers like Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Prada, and Michael Kors to middle rung and unknown designers, they all seem to be weighing in on this trend.  Shoes, bags and accessories with that unmistakable neon edge is showing up in stores all over the US and abroad which makes incorporating this look is so very easy.  And fun!  For those of us who are brave, really brave,...pants, dresses, blouses, jump suits and various other clothing are also available in just about every style imaginable.  So, feast your eyes and try this trend if you dare. 


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Momma Melly said...

Gorgeous! I just love all the bright and vibrant colors! I also love the adorable dog outfit, haha! Super cute!