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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Hair Journey

A few days ago someone asked me about my decision to go natural and how it started so I told them I would do a post on it so they can get the full story with pics.  Here goes...

Once upon a time (approximately 2 yrs and 4 months ago) I had relaxed hair.   I was happy with it but missed my natural kinky hair which I had kept natural for most of my life. I particularly missed the body and wildness of it.....the Diana Ross-ness of it as I like to put it.

So one day on a whim I cut my relaxed hair off.
It was brave and liberating and scary!  After all, I was so used to longer tresses.  Longer straight tresses.  Now what!

I learned to rock a small fro.....then a bigger one.  

I rocked it textured and blown out sometimes.  And then I fell in love with my hair all over again.

I learned how to integrate scarves and other accessories to celebrate the uniqueness of my hair. Most of all I learned to take care of my hair better.  Myself.  Not the salon.

And my hair grew.

and grew.

And hopefully it keeps growing like it did when I was younger. 

I look forward to wearing my natural hair gracefully as I grow older.  I will wear it in all of it's curly kinky glory and enjoy every minute of it.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Turner Classic Movies - Hats Off To You!

One of my favorite things to do in this world is watch TCM or Turner Classic Movies.  If you have never watched one of these old classic movies you are missing a real treat!  One of the things I enjoy most about them is the clean content. Yes, ZERO swear words for the most part, great story lines and let's not even talk about the fashion and set design. It is is bananas!  And I mean that in the most fabulous, exquisite kind of way.

Do not quote me on this but as simple as wearing a hat, the women of the 1930's era had something that made these pieces legend.  These women had enough swag to swim in.  Seriously.  I particularly like the scenes where the actress wore a hat because the hats were so creative, stylish and dramatic.  No matter how dramatic though, the lady wearing the hat wore the heck out of that hat and not the other way around.  Gotta love that!  Here are some of my favorite still shots.  Enjoy!