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Monday, March 11, 2013

Decoding The Smoky Eye - Ultra Easy Tutorials

There is nothing more captivating and sexy than a well done smoky eye. And whenever you achieve the perfect smoked look you know it. Makes you want to do two snaps in Z formation! Just sayin.

The Smokey eye look is perfect for parties or for formal occasions. It all depends on the colors used to create the look.  There are so many different color variations you can go with like: gray tones, plum tones, green tones, lavender tones, red tones, blue tones or really dramatic combinations like black and red black and dark blue. The best idea is to Choose the color according to the time you are wearing it. Lighter colors work wonderfully for daytime and darker colors are excellent for night time looks.

Here is a very simple how-to in six easy steps.

And that my friends is as complicated as it is going to get on this blog....because if you are anything like me, I DO NOT like too many words in my instructions.  Too many words and my brain screams abort! abort!, overload! overload!   Ha ha, sad but true. 

And so, I bring to you my hand picked selection of simple pictorial based smoky eye tutorials.    Tutorials that we all can actually follow and use.    Enjoy!

I really like this look. Very sultry and perfect for a night out on the town.

These colors really bring the drama.  I cannot wait to try this! I love the touch of gold.

You have to be bold to rock this look but hey...every girl have a little of that within. Some of us just a bit more than others. 

This is a great toned down version of this look.  Great for day or night.

So ladies, I hope this inspires you to get your smoky eye on!  



Momma Melly said...

I absolutely LOVE all these makeup looks. :) They are all gorgeous.

I found your blog through the website "Mom Blogger Club". You have a new follower. :) Please feel free to check out my blog and follow back.

I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

Laura said...

Wow so pretty but something I would never try. Eyeliner is something I have never gotten the hang of no matter how much I practice, it always looks like a toddler did my makeup ha ha. I pretty much stop at mascara and maybe lipstick if I'm felling brave.

Unknown said...

I've tried to do the smoky eye, but it has never come out like I want it to. I know that I just need to practice more. I'm not giving up yet, especially with such a clear example. Just passing back thru from to keep up with new things happening over here.