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Monday, February 18, 2013

Keep Calm And Carry On....Within Reason

Lately, I have really been struggling to keep it all together.   I am sure you can identify.   There is work, home, family life, friendships, studying and maintaining my faith, my sweet little blog and projects for my fashion never stops.  

And I keep going.  

And going.

Part of me wants to just stop and BREATHE for a while. So I do sometimes.  

The old me would have never EVER taken a break but I have learned the hard way that there is no healthy substitute for a good night's rest if you are tired.

What is more important than your health?  A dear friend once said to me It is kinda hard to achieve your dream when you are six feet under or lying on a hospital bed.  It was a very sobering thought, one I never forgot.

Today just like any other day, my to do list is very long. I have made up my mind though that I will get it all done within reason.  If one or two things are left for tomorrow, so be it. Today, I will stay calm, carry on and just enjoy being ALIVE. 



Alicia said...

Girl... you know I've been there before. I write about it all the time. It can be really hard to keep it together at times and sometimes I feel like I'm holding it together by a very thin thread. But I keep going. Because that's what we do and that's how we accomplish things -- by pushing pass it.

Stephanie said...

It sounds like we're one in the same. I have been feeling more overwhelmed than usual lately. I just want to do everything and do it BEST. Sigh... keeping it within reason - time and all - is something I need to keep in mind! I needed to see this post today :)

Have a great week, friend! <3

Unknown said...

Keeping calm is a must. I, too, try to do everything. However, I am trying to learn to stop and just relax. There will always be a to-do list and to-go list, but I would just like a just-do-me list. Visiting from MBC. Stop by when you get a chance. Following you.