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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Peasy DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Hi lovelies, the spirit of Christmas has me in a bear hug and wont let me go.  Hey, am not complaining though,  I love Christmas!  I found these cute bird ornaments on delphinepress and I am so excited to make them.  Don't ask me why but I am fixed on a bird theme for my Christmas tree this season. These ornaments are so darn cute!  I just love the mix of colors and how easy they are to do.  I found a bird template below that really made cutting these out a snap.  The template is a little different from the examples here since they have wings but the overall feel is the same.

Hopefully my tree will look a little like this....What do you think?



Laura said...

These are lovely, I love sparkles.

Charity said...

Wow those are so cute!!! and so simple to make!!! Have a great weekend! Much Love Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

Alicia said...

Our ornaments are usually store-bought or whatever Aiden created during his free time. So I really like the idea of making your own ornaments. But without the glitter. Glitter is banned in my house until Aiden turns 10. LOL.

momto8 said...

love love love the sparkles!! so pretty.