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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little Bit Of "Me Time" In My Life

Last week I have to admit, I felt like a hamster on a tread mill. No matter how much ground I covered there was more to go.  What a a week!  I feel like in the process my sweet little blog got neglected but am back and happy to have a minute to share and relax if only for a little while.  Hope you had a wonderful week and got a lot accomplished.  If not, hey, tomorrow is Monday, a brand new week awaits.  As Tim Gunn says "make it work!"

Well, as always whenever I find a little "me time" I get so excited I don't know what to do with myself.  And I really mean that literally. I don't know if I want to paint, watch a movie, order in and read a book or go out.  The good thing is though, whatever I decide I ALWAYS have fun.  Here are a few things I did with my "me time" this week end.

I painted the opening picture and had a blast doing so. And since I was already dabbling in paint I made these darling little paper weights.

Then, I made earrings to match this gorgeous cocktail ring I just bought.  

And then I bought a few pieces to add to my dragonfly collection.  Nothing major, just little things that make me happy.  Now I am going to hang out and spend some time with my son. We are going to watch The Hunger Games and order takeout.

How did you spend your weekend?



Alicia said...

I have weeks like that sometimes. It's so hard to catch a breath (or break) when the week is going like that. Sigh.

Those paper weights are quite lovely. Looks like you found something awesome to do with your "Me" time.

momto8 said...

you are one talented women! your painting and paper weights are very pretty! good for you. I did not get the art or creative talent.
hanging out with your son sounds perfect!