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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's Driving You?

I don't know if growing older has anything to do with this but my whole outlook on certain things in my life has gradually shifted.  When I was in my 20's, all I wanted to do was succeed.  I was so driven and I still am today, but what drives me is what has shifted.  In the past I wanted to silence the haters and make a few people eat some much deserved humble pie.

I wanted to serve it to them personally if you know what I mean.

Over the years though, I have learned that if negative energy/emotions like revenge or hate is what is driving you, then when that energy is expended you will be left without focus or drive.  Thank God in my case, passion for what I do is what keeps me going.   There was a time though when my reasons for wanting to succeed was not 100% passion.

Today as I move forward I can truly say that I am done with that. That period of my life is over. I search my heart and there is no trace of malice or pain against anyone.   And not because I have Not experienced pain, hurt and disappointment.  It is exactly BECAUSE I have had such experiences that I am not bitter.  I choose to do this for me.  To concentrate on anything else is not only distracting but it is giving my power to someone or something else.  I can't have that. When I have to hustle and grind it out, though I do have people that love and support me, ultimately it is my faith in God that truly sustains me.  I have proven over the years that people come and go but God will Never leave me or forsake me....I think I am gonna keep rollin with that...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little Bit Of "Me Time" In My Life

Last week I have to admit, I felt like a hamster on a tread mill. No matter how much ground I covered there was more to go.  What a a week!  I feel like in the process my sweet little blog got neglected but am back and happy to have a minute to share and relax if only for a little while.  Hope you had a wonderful week and got a lot accomplished.  If not, hey, tomorrow is Monday, a brand new week awaits.  As Tim Gunn says "make it work!"

Well, as always whenever I find a little "me time" I get so excited I don't know what to do with myself.  And I really mean that literally. I don't know if I want to paint, watch a movie, order in and read a book or go out.  The good thing is though, whatever I decide I ALWAYS have fun.  Here are a few things I did with my "me time" this week end.

I painted the opening picture and had a blast doing so. And since I was already dabbling in paint I made these darling little paper weights.

Then, I made earrings to match this gorgeous cocktail ring I just bought.  

And then I bought a few pieces to add to my dragonfly collection.  Nothing major, just little things that make me happy.  Now I am going to hang out and spend some time with my son. We are going to watch The Hunger Games and order takeout.

How did you spend your weekend?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ready Or Not Here Comes Winter...

Old man Winter and I have a love hate relationship.  I really like him on Christmas day, Christmas eve and new years day but honestly not so much the rest of the time.  Why? It's too blasted cold!  At least too cold for a Caribbean girl like me.  This year though I am determined to enjoy it without complaining.  I have a plan.  It's real simple, soft and comes in many colors.


Take that old man winter, it's on.  Stylish and toasty warm....yeah baby!

What's your favorite tip/item of clothing for braving the cold?  


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Hope You Dance

I've had this song playing non stop in my head since yesterday so I just had to share.  The words are so powerful, heartfelt and true.  This song really ministered to me, I hope it does the same for you.

As you may have read in two of my previous post, the last two weeks has been really stressful and hard for me.  After weeks of insomnia I started having heart palpitations which scared the daylights out of me.  I literally feared for my life.  Today as I write this though, I feel a lot better and I am almost back to my normal sleep pattern.  Yay me!!!!  whew.  Trust me when I say I have a whole new respect for sleep.  It is so vitally important to remain healthy.

This whole experience has made me look at my life and all the areas where I held back or put things off for later.  I AM SO DONE WITH THAT.

Life is precious.  It is the most awesome privilege anyone can have. We get a gift every single day of our lives. It comes to us each day wrapped up in 24 brand new hrs.  And those hours are ours to do whatever we choose.
To dream.  
                To Plan.  
To see that plan come to life. 
             To bring comfort to the hurting
To travel
                 To write
To learn
            To teach
         To love and be loved
To serve selflessly
                                                  To find your path
   To live victoriously...
                       and of course 
        to dance.