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Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 Olympic Style - Hit or Miss?

 Like everyone else and their pooch, I am watching the olympics.  I am thoroughly enjoying the various activities especially gymnastics, swimming and my personal favorite.......the wearing/unveiling of the many many different uniforms.  Every country has their own individual style and colors so it is truly interesting, at least for someone like me.  Here are some of the uniforms that set tongues a-wagging.  What do you think?

JAMAICA - Hey, am a little partial since I have Jamaican heritage (via my dad) but these uniforms are so fly! Big up Jamaica, nuff respect!

Designed by Cedella Marley, daughter of the late Bob Marley,
 in corporation with PUMA

AMERICA - I am a huge Ralph Lauren fan and I think the uniforms are really beautiful in a pure classic "Americana "sense, something Ralph is best known for. There are some aspects however I could live without.......perhaps these could have a little more of an edge, after all, most of these athletes are young people.  I especially do not like that they were made in China.  Why Ralph?...why???

Designed by Ralph Lauren

BritainI grew up in the British culture...I drank tea and drove on the left hand side of the road  sang English songs and spent money that had the queen's face on it.......  All that to say, I love you, but try as I may I can't look at this uniform without wanting to dance. The sound track from staying alive comes to my mind every time.  I'll say this much, you have to have chutzbah to wear this!  Especially the men.  Indeed.
Designed by Stella McCartney

South Korea - I really like South Korea's uniform. This is a great example of classic done in a way that captures the modern sensibility as well.  It is hard to find that balance but this is a great example of that.  Gorgeous!  

Designed by Fila

And Finally these beautiful ladies at the Olympics.  



Peaches Ledwidge said...

Thanks for the research and the info and the pictures and for the dash of Jamaican "talk."

Beauty and The Green said...

You're welcome Peaches!

Toia said...

I agree with what you said about the uniforms. I do think USA's uniforms could have been a little bit more fierce. Thanks for sharing!!