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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion - In The Nude!

Aha, got ya didn't I? No, not naked people....NUDE COLORS. I have always liked them, even before they became a runway trend. Long before. I am so happy that finally these beautiful colors are getting the recognition and respect they deserve! 

Marc Jacobs Bag

unknown pic origin

Nudes are so sophisticated, smart and darn versatile.  They are neutrals really.......and neutrals go with EVERYTHING.  Who wouldn't want that?  Nudes also come in so many different shades, there are no shortage of colors to keep you looking fabulous!  I personally love peach, pinks and creme tones because they are most flattering to my complexion but there are so many other color variations.

One of the advantages of wearing nude colors is the fact that it can actually trick the eye.  For example, if you wear nude shoes your legs look longer.  The same is true for fingernail polish, your fingers appear to be more slender and longer than with more vibrant polish. Try it, it works!

unknown pic origin

Layering different nude shades and textures also can create the most romantic, feminine and couture look......which I personally adore. So go ahead, choose a shade that flatters your  complexion and go nude this summer.  You're gonna love it!
(Lol, Am Wanda  Mcphee and I approve this message).


momto8 said...

this is my favorite color and style.

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Loving the color theme.

Thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award you gave me a thousand years ago, I've mentioned it on my new post.

Alicia said...

I'm a huge fan of neutrals! I love pinks as well. In fact, I'm wearing a pink neutral on my nails right now.

Toia said...

I love the nude seems like it enhances your natural beauty...but i never thought about nude fingernail polish. I think I might have to try that one.