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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Easy As 1-2-3...DIY Large Scale Wall Art Fixes

A group of paintings in the same/similar palette makes a stunning large scale piece

A few days ago, I decided to get rid of a large scale painting I had on my living room wall.  Sigh.  It was one of those paintings that you like but not love.  You know the kind, almost but not quite the right fit for the space. Well, since I moved the painting which was an original piece and fairly large, I was left with this huge open space.  As you know, large scale original Art is very expensive, so, there I was wondering, "now what am I going to replace this with?".  

Well, whenever I am need inspiration I make a beeline for the internet.  And so I did. I found so many neat ideas there I just had to share.  Most of the these pieces are so very simple and economical but they add so much grandeur and style to a room.  Check them out...  

You know those black and white photos you've been meaning to print?  Well, here's the perfect place for them. How gorgeous is this!

pic origin unknown
It doesn't get easier than this.  Just hang a piece of tapestry or decorative fabric and you have instant transformation.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Who would have thought that plates could look so chic!    I bet you will look at plates a little differently from now on....

pic origin unknown
This look is one of my personal favorites.  All you have to do is find some images of birds or animals and print them out.  (You can borrow a book from the library and scan them or get them online.)  I like to collect old frames to frame my prints but if you don't, not to worry.  Any group of simple frames will do.  Just keep them within the same color palette.

pic origin unknown
This is basically like the look above but showcasing plants instead of birds.  So lovely and classic.

I adore this look.  It is so romantic and easy to make.  Poster boards were covered with burlap and then a print was centered (and glued) on top. Industrial screws were used as accents at the corners of the prints.  I love that little touch, it really gives this a little bit of an edge.

Framed wall paper??!!!  Oh yeah baby!  Super fast, ultra easy and your pocket book will thank you.

And finally this look.  How's this for the "wow' factor. Of course your frame does not have to be this big. Just get a large glass or acrylic frame and lots of family photos. Perhaps this can be a family activity....  The extra hands would make this project fun and fast.

Well, I hope you found something here that sparks your creativity, I know I did.  Have a wonderful week!



Peaches Ledwidge said...

I like the plant pictures and the room (decoration).

Alicia said...

I like the second picture of the bedroom and the yellow one of the foyer. I could totally see myself doing something like in those pictures.

momto8 said...

how fun! I think I like everyone! what ideas!! definitely puts me in the decorating mood!!!
happy August.