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Thursday, July 12, 2012

1 Whole Tee + 1 Half = 1 Fabulous DIY Dress!

I saw this adorable little DIY dress by lhdctv yesterday, and I just knew I had to make this. Problem is I can't sew to save my life.  Seriously.  But hey....the instructions looked so easy I decided "what the heck!

And so, armed with two blouses that I decided to sacrifice....ahem, I mean sew.  I began making my dress.

First I cut the bottom of the first blouse in half.  I like the more fitted blouse for the top portion of my dress so I cut the floral blouse in half for the bottom.

Of course I eyeballed this.....I just cut it as straight as I could but no ruler was involved. At all.  (Use a ruler if you are not cray cray brave like me)

Next, I got an orange hue thread (since it matched my dress) and hand sewed the floral piece to the bottom hem of the blouse.  Now, I could have stitched this with a machine like they did here but I am more comfortable hand stitching so I decided to go old school with this.

And there it is....all done! My bloggie pal Laura from my grandma reads my blog  would be so proud.  She posted her very chic DIY dress a week ago and it really inspired me to learn how to sew.  Thanks Laura!
Your grandma reads your blog and I am sure she is proud too.  Shhhhh, my mom reads mine and my sister's but she has no, I set our blog posts to go straight to her email)



Laura said...

You did such a great job it turned out just awesome. It was so sweet of you to mention me.

Roodlyne @supermomplace said...

you did an awesome Job! the sacrife of those two blouse were not in vain lol
I will be looking for some volounteer to sacrifice too
Good job

Sherry Ellis said...

Wow. You did an awesome job!

momto8 said...

oh wow!! fabulous look!!

Sistergirl said...

Great Look, I am going to try it.

Red said...

WOW!! What a great idea!! Methinks some things in my closet are about to get repurposed... :-)