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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Braid-ey Bunch - 10 Fashion Forward Summer Hairstyles

Whenever I find a new hairstyle that I like, I save it.  Well, actually I file it.  Yup, I have a file on my desktop labeled "Hair inspiration" and it is chuck full of these awesome hairdos. How's that for organized.

Well, this evening I just happened to be going through that folder and realized, I have to share this with my bloggie pals. This is way too much hotness to keep all to here I am, sharing.

Most of these are braided hairstyles but what I like most about them is their versatility and how easy some of them are to do.  Anytime you can get your hair styled in less than ten minutes is definitely a win in my opinion. And there is nothing more attractive than a lady who looks pulled together/stylish but not overdone.  These styles are perfect for achieving that perfect balance of chic and effortlessness.  Plus, most of them look even better if they are a little messy.  I love that!

Well, I hope this post inspires you to try one of these fabulous hairdos. It's amazing how a simple hairstyle can boost your confidence and bring sexy back....but don't take my word for it, try it and see for yourself.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

So Hot And Yet So Cool! - DIY Tshirt Inspiration

Summer is upon us so now is the perfect time to make some DIY t-shirts!  I am so excited to finally do this, you have no idea.  The options are endless too, from fabric dyes, paints, rhinestones and embroidery to fringing, shredding and creative sewing, there is no end to the awesomeness one can create. I am chompin at the bit to see what I come up with.  

    Today I came across this beauty from styleitchic and I just knew I had to try some version of this.  This shirt is smokin hot and it is so chic, trendy and modern!  I love how you can create these lovely pieces from damaged and old tees that you ordinarily would just discard.  How is that for recycling! 

    I personally love using the bigger non fitted tee's like the ones in the top pictures since they have more fabric to manipulate.  Plus, they look so effortless and chic when paired with something fitted at the bottom.

     Well am off to raid my husband's closet, he is a tennis instructor and has tons of tees so it's a win win for me! Ha ha, not so much for him but he doesn't mind.

     I hope that this post inspires you to try one of these DIY shirts, it's such a great way to resurrect your old tees.  


    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    How Does Your Garden Grow........

    Somebody please tell me, is the GREEN THUMB, instinctive, inherited, cultivated, learned or is it simply a gift?  Honestly am confused.  Seems like plants perform better for certain folks....  Case in point, my sister Shanda.  This lady is no joke.  She knows her way around a garden after years of experience but initially she was a newbie just like me and her plants still flourished. 

    Recently my sister and her husband bought a beautiful new home and already once again, the place already looks like a mini garden of Eden.

     Hmmmmmm, maybe the green thumb is selective???  I tell you what though, the brown thumb is equal opportunity....lots of plants have bit the dust under my supervision. And trust me, I took good care of them but to no avail, they still died.  Sigh.  Oh well, there is still a bright spot here.  I have a sister who happens to be a guru at this so I will let her teach me the ropes.  Maybe I can finally have that little garden I crave....hey, a girl can hope.