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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chenille or No Chenille...That Is The Question

I have to admit that last week kicked my butt!  Really good. In the process I sadly had to neglect my blog for a little while.  Well, am back now and feelin good, bye bye week from hell.......honestly it felt like it.

Over the weekend I met a lady at a craft show who had the most amazing vintage chenille spreads.  It really brought back memories of my childhood.  My grandmother had lots of these beautiful spreads and ever since I could fully appreciate them I had been searching for the right one for myself.  I admit that some are over the top and somewhat unrestrained but I adore these spreads.  I like the texture, pattern and vintage fabulousness it adds to a room.  Plus, it really reminds me of my earlier years with my grand mother and those memories are very precious to me.  Check these out, would you rock one of these in your bedroom?

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Accidentally Wonderful said...

I love all those bedspreads! Makes me wish I was back home in my bed instead of at work!

I've nominated you for a blog award! Check it out on my page

Laura said...

I love the peacock ones. Some of them are really nice and some are just a bit to old fashioned for me.You'd defiantly have to find the right one.

leron said...

Damn those are very me :-)