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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seafoam Green - Fun. Fresh. Fabulous.

To say I love sea foam green is a gross understatement.  I looooooooooooooooove this color.  Passionately.  There are so many reasons why but here are a few: 
Sea foam Green Is
.  Fresh and feminine
. Perfect combination of both blue (cyan) and green....and I love both colors. 
. Bold and serene at the same time
. Looks great on all skin tones
. Works excellently with warm colors like reds, yellows, oranges etc.
. Is a very peaceful and tranquil color
Happy without being overly bright and reminds me of Spring
As it's name implies, sea foam green is the color of the sea
. Has a history of sophistication and grandeur but also has a strong modern appeal as well
Is perfect as a neutral color
. Very versatile, looks gorgeous in a glamorous setting and equally as nice in a casual  

This spring I was pleasantly surprised and siked to see that finally, this color is getting the recognition it deserves.  Pantone declared it one of it's hot colors for Spring which is great but I could care less.  I would wear it anyway even if it was not "in".  Just sayin.  This color is fabulous, chic and I personally never tire of it.......but that's me and as you can see I am totally smitten.  What do you think?


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Lindsay said...

The bracelet and blazer are to die for!!!

Peaches Ledwidge said...

That color gives a warm, very warm but refreshing feeling.

Jessica said...

I love sea foam green too. It's so soft and feminine and refreshing! It reminds me of the ocean and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

Unknown said...

Love sea foam too...I am in a cobalt frame of mind right now though...trending this season along with tribal all great for a curly cutie like me...

Alicia said...

That picture of the beach/sand/ocean is classic. It totally captured the color perfectly. I really love this color as well. Especially in the Spring/ early Summer. And you are so right -- it DOES look good on every skin tone. LOL. I have never seen someone NOT look good with this color on.

Laura said...

I recently seen seafoam paired with red and loved it I never would have guessed. It's such a versatile color.

Nekky said...

This is absolutely it. I love this. It makes want to go do some shopping.