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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Age Defying Divas - Weight Loss & Fitness Inspiration

About a week ago, my sister sent this video to me and it totally blew me away.  If there is a fountain of youth, Annette Larkin has taken more than a sip from it.  She looks fabulous!  I was so inspired by her story that 70% of my diet is now raw vegetables, fruits and grains too. I am not 100% raw like she is (hey, baby steps) but the health benefits of my new diet regimen is nothing short of incredible. This is only week one for me and I know there will be meat craving bumps along the way but am up for the challenge.  Bring it on!

Another lady who inspires me is Ernestine Shepard. She is a 74 year old body builder and athlete who currently holds the Guinness book of world records for being the oldest female body builder.  And, for all of us late bloomers, she started her fitness journey in her 50's. Yep, it is NEVER too late. 
Ernestine starts her day at 4am in the morning and diligently runs 10 miles...every day.  She is also a fitness instructor, personal trainer and avid marathon competitor.  Whew! tired just thinking about all this stuff.  This lady is no joke.  She and Annette are solid proof that you can be healthy and look fierce at any age.  It's up to you though, so go get it!   



This Wife Cooks said...

Good for you! I'm on my way t a more plant-based diet myself. I also recently read about Ernestine in the Washington Post magazine - she's amazing!

Lioness Rebirth said...

When i grew up i want to be like her.

Laura said...

wow i would have never guessed she was 70

Lindsay said...

Wow, huge kudos to her! I cant' even run 10 miles. Amazing!!!

Rashida Singh said...

I watch this video also and thought she was amazing! I want to look like that at 70!!

Accidentally Wonderful said...

Love this!

I tagged you in a game of "Blog Tag!" You're next!

Accidentally Wonderful said...

Love this!

I tagged you in a game of "Blog Tag!" You're it!

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