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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beauty Mark? or Holy Mole-ey!!!

Angelina Jolie - Actress & Human Rights Activist

Are people with moles hotter than non mole-ey people?  Hmmmmm.  Well I did a little digging and here is what I found.  Dr Veronique Bataille, from the Twin Research Unit at King's College London, who led a study on this said: "The results are very exciting as they show, for the first time, that moley people who have a slightly increased risk of melanoma [skin cancer] may, on the other hand, have the benefit of a reduced rate of aging."  As a person with a few moles myself, I was a little concerned about the "risk of cancer" mentioned so the hypochondriac in me kicked in and I dug deeper. Thankfully, the news got much better after the mention of Melonoma.   It was actually discovered that people with moles live longer, look younger and are healthier than the average person. Well, according to the studies anyway. 

Marilyn Munroe - Actress 

Now usually I would say this is just hype but I actually know for a fact that there is some truth to this.  My grandmother who passed on the mole-ey genetics to me is 95 years old and has always been in optimum health......the woman also has more moles than I can count.  She looks a lot younger than her age though and hardly any wrinkles!  I sure do hope I inherited that gene, pretty p-l-e-a-s-e. 

When I was younger I asked about the mole on my face and my grandmother calmly informed me that my mole was a beauty mark.  And so, from that moment on I saw it as just that.  I never thought about it until very recently when I stumbled across the research done on this subject.  Seems like grandma knew this stuff already...but then, she is smart like that.

I remember when Cindy Crawford was in the height of her modeling career, she rocked the heck out of her mole.  Then guess what, women everywhere starting making moles on their faces with eye pencils and such.  So funny.  Sometimes the mole would be on the left side on the woman's face, but the next day it would be on the right side. oooopsie! 

Now I know there are people with a gazillion moles and they totally hate them.  I come from a mole-ey family so trust me, I know.   Don't let it get you down though, if you love yourself the way you are, people will pay attention to you and not your mole.  Morgan Freeman is a prime example of this.  This man has mad swag and the moles just makes him more interesting.

Morgan Freeman - Actor

Here are some celebrities who fully embrace their moles.  And if truth be told, they are not only aging slower, they are muy caliente.  Long live the mole!


Tamera Mowry - Actress

Eva Mendes - Actress & Model

  Enrique Iglesias

Kelly Rowland - singer

 Robert DeNiro - Actor

Janet Jackson - Singer & actress

 Goldie Hawn - Actress

Natalie Portman - Actress


Veronica Lee said...

I think moles are on women!!

Happy Weekending, my friend!

Dmarie said...

little tiny moles are cute...big, pencil-eraser moles, not so much! ;)

momto8 said...

what a different perspective...thanks!!

Alicia said...

Moles are pretty sexy. I used to love them so much that I used to use my eye liner to put one in different spots on my face. LOL.

Nekky said...

This research could be true as all the things they said applies to my husband.ot

Stephanie said...

I love 'em! Could be because I have a few myself... ;) Holey beautiful Moley! :)

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Lindsay said...

I have moles on my face...haha. Funny because I forget they're even there. My mom always called them "beauty marks"...haha.