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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Power and Glory of The Maxi Skirt

Believe it or not this post was inspired by the hubs.  Every time I wear this look he loves it and can't take his eyes of me and I love that.  Maxi skirts are sassy, modest, elegant and so very feminine.  And depending on how you style them, they can be sexy too.  Also, they transition well from Summer to Winter so it's a win, win situation all around. Hello!

When I say long/maxi skirt, I am not talking about pilgrim-esque fashion or "Anne get your gun" look-a-like garments. I am talking about "work it, bring it, throw it down style" that any woman would love to rock. Though, if you can pull of the "Anne" look, I have mad respect for you.  After all, it takes real confidence to go against the grain. I discovered that personally when I wore my "Lucille Ball" hoop skirt..........but hey, that's a whole other story.

 Bottom line is, long skirts are very smart buys.  They are ultra chic and versatile in both style and fabric choices which makes them able to go from casual to dressy in a snap. That is my absolute favorite thing about these skirts.

My appreciation for the maxi skirt began a long time ago at a wedding ceremony.  I had worn a long gray skirt with a sequined silver top, stilettos and belted sash at the waist.  All day long people wanted to know where I had purchased my gorgeous dress.  Of course it was not a dress but it looked like a really exclusive designer gown........minus the price tag.  Later that evening I wore the same gray skirt with flats, chunky jewelry and a tank top and viola!  One chic casual outfit if I must say so myself.  Such is the versatility of the long skirt.

I enjoy wearing my maxi skirts in Winter with boots and when it's really cold outside I just add some tights underneath.
So comfortable. 
So effortless. 
So chic.
Check out these beauties and if you don't have a maxi skirt already I see one in your future.  Real soon.



momto8 said...

i wish i looked like them!

Lindsay said...

I love the look of maxi skirts. I don't even have one in my closet. But it's one my list of things to buy for Spring time!! :)

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!! I love maxi skirts. The only thing is, I'm such a klutz and will probably trip over them!!

Have a nice day!

MySkinConcierge Ava said...

Oh my I want some maxi skirts! No pantyhose!

Chat soon!

Ava Roxanne

Alicia said...

I'm a huge fan of the maxi skirt. I purchased a couple last summer and it was really fun to wear with flats AND heels.

Nekky said...

I used to have lots of those until I started running after my toddlers. This days, I make do with jeans and leggings but I still need the elengance of Maxi Skirts.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this look -- and the pictures you've found are BEAUTIFUL. I can't say that I would look as good as these models, but I think that a long maxi would look better on me than a short mini! :)

I hope you and yours are off to a good start this week!

Jaye said...

i love this post! im going to try this look. im so glad you included pics because i am not a visual person.

heidileanne said...

I love the look, but with my short short legs, I could never pull it off. :)

tank top dress said...

I love the look of maxi skirts, so beautiful!