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Monday, January 30, 2012

There's No Place Like home

My brother's girlfriend went to the Bahamas recently and shot these exquisite pictures. They really made my day.  I live in Atlanta now and even though I love it here, I miss home. I miss the laid back lifestyle, the food, the music, and the ocean......especially the ocean.   Like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home." I feel you girl.

When I was a little girl I would take my fishing line and spend hours sitting on these rocks trying to catch a fish.  I loved to feel the little nibbles on my line, even though I could not see the fish that was doing the nibbling below the waves.  It was always fun to imagine it was a huge fish although I never did catch a fish more than eight inches long.

In my family, there are five of us and we were all aquatic creatures almost as soon as we could walk.  This is my little brother in the picture, he is a very experienced diver and fisherman as is my dad and older brother.  As good as they are though my mom is probably the best at fishing.  That woman is no joke.

If you have ever snorkeled before, there is something magical about being under water.  It's like a whole other world.  The colors are so vivid and beautiful and there is so much life, tranquility and peace while you are down there.  Time seems to stand still.   I used to spend hours diving and swimming, I never tired of it.  Ever.

Sunsets in the Bahamas are spectacular, each one is different and more amazing than the last.  The only thing that can make it more amazing is watching it with the one you love.  My husband and I spent many evenings watching the sun go down.  These pictures brought all those cherished memories back.  It's amazing how precious the little moments are...the ones that we think are not so important at the time.  Like sunsets, dancing with someone special, dinner with friends, a reassuring smile or pat on the back....

So, here's to beautiful memories and enjoying life.  Take time to smell the roses, like right now, and if there should come a time when there are no roses to smell, you will still have the memories.  Forever.



Shaheen said...

Absolutely stunning - its a part of the world I have never been too and at the moment can only dream and enjoy throught photos of others. Thanks for sharing.

SoCal Tess said...

These pictures area amazing! It looks beautiful. I really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for an award - check it out:

momto8 said...

what beautiful pictures! I would love to be there right about now...right before they all come home from school.

Laura said...

Wow beautiful photos. There is something so magical about the ocean. When I was young my grandma and grandpa had a cabin located in a set of Islands called the Broken Group, I loved it out there in the middle of nowhere and spent hours poking around on the small island the cabin was anchored to or just laying on my belly on the dock watching the starfish, crabs and minnows. The cabin isn't there anymore I miss going out there very much.

Lindsay said...

It all looks so beautiful. I would love to take a vacation there!!!

Nekky said...

Very nice pictures. I have a friend from Bahamas and we plan to be there once the kids are a bit older.