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Monday, January 30, 2012

There's No Place Like home

My brother's girlfriend went to the Bahamas recently and shot these exquisite pictures. They really made my day.  I live in Atlanta now and even though I love it here, I miss home. I miss the laid back lifestyle, the food, the music, and the ocean......especially the ocean.   Like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home." I feel you girl.

When I was a little girl I would take my fishing line and spend hours sitting on these rocks trying to catch a fish.  I loved to feel the little nibbles on my line, even though I could not see the fish that was doing the nibbling below the waves.  It was always fun to imagine it was a huge fish although I never did catch a fish more than eight inches long.

In my family, there are five of us and we were all aquatic creatures almost as soon as we could walk.  This is my little brother in the picture, he is a very experienced diver and fisherman as is my dad and older brother.  As good as they are though my mom is probably the best at fishing.  That woman is no joke.

If you have ever snorkeled before, there is something magical about being under water.  It's like a whole other world.  The colors are so vivid and beautiful and there is so much life, tranquility and peace while you are down there.  Time seems to stand still.   I used to spend hours diving and swimming, I never tired of it.  Ever.

Sunsets in the Bahamas are spectacular, each one is different and more amazing than the last.  The only thing that can make it more amazing is watching it with the one you love.  My husband and I spent many evenings watching the sun go down.  These pictures brought all those cherished memories back.  It's amazing how precious the little moments are...the ones that we think are not so important at the time.  Like sunsets, dancing with someone special, dinner with friends, a reassuring smile or pat on the back....

So, here's to beautiful memories and enjoying life.  Take time to smell the roses, like right now, and if there should come a time when there are no roses to smell, you will still have the memories.  Forever.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Power and Glory of The Maxi Skirt

Believe it or not this post was inspired by the hubs.  Every time I wear this look he loves it and can't take his eyes of me and I love that.  Maxi skirts are sassy, modest, elegant and so very feminine.  And depending on how you style them, they can be sexy too.  Also, they transition well from Summer to Winter so it's a win, win situation all around. Hello!

When I say long/maxi skirt, I am not talking about pilgrim-esque fashion or "Anne get your gun" look-a-like garments. I am talking about "work it, bring it, throw it down style" that any woman would love to rock. Though, if you can pull of the "Anne" look, I have mad respect for you.  After all, it takes real confidence to go against the grain. I discovered that personally when I wore my "Lucille Ball" hoop skirt..........but hey, that's a whole other story.

 Bottom line is, long skirts are very smart buys.  They are ultra chic and versatile in both style and fabric choices which makes them able to go from casual to dressy in a snap. That is my absolute favorite thing about these skirts.

My appreciation for the maxi skirt began a long time ago at a wedding ceremony.  I had worn a long gray skirt with a sequined silver top, stilettos and belted sash at the waist.  All day long people wanted to know where I had purchased my gorgeous dress.  Of course it was not a dress but it looked like a really exclusive designer gown........minus the price tag.  Later that evening I wore the same gray skirt with flats, chunky jewelry and a tank top and viola!  One chic casual outfit if I must say so myself.  Such is the versatility of the long skirt.

I enjoy wearing my maxi skirts in Winter with boots and when it's really cold outside I just add some tights underneath.
So comfortable. 
So effortless. 
So chic.
Check out these beauties and if you don't have a maxi skirt already I see one in your future.  Real soon.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Three Tier Cake and A Bucket...List

Yesterday while I was doing my most hated and detested chore.....sorting miscellaneous paper, somewhere in the chaos I found an old version of my bucket list.  I mean really seventeen years ago.   Everything on it was familiar to me except one thing.  I wanted to bake a three tier professional wedding cake by myself and decorate it.  Say what now?....   For a novice like me, I might as well be building the Taj Mahal.   Wedding cakes are no joke.

Almost immediately I understood exactly why I had dropped it from my list.  I also understood exactly why I had to put it back.  I am not going to let a little old cake get the best of me.  And to show you how serious I am, I will post this cake in whatever state it comes out when am done with it.  I think my birthday on the first of July this year would be a great day for my cake's debut.  Ha ha, lord help me.   I do love to bake though so one thing I am not lacking is the passion to do this.  Whatever the outcome, it will be exciting, educational......and possibly hilarious. Either way, it's on like donkey kong!

So lovelies, as I venture into the world of butter cream and fondant, I would love to hear any feed back from you talented bakers out there. I want my cake to be beautiful and tasty.....non leaning and more than anything else, topple free.
Pretty please.

Here are a few inspiration cakes am in love with at the, if I can do something similar to one of these, I would need to have my head deflated.  Seriously, I would be pretty proud of me. You would be too!

All pictures in this
post are courtesy of

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Do it!.....Again

So today I wrote this long post "Just Do It" about being true to yourself, achieving personal goals and persevering through it all....and what happens?  There was a hiccup on blogger and ALL of my post was deleted.  Honestly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I might have done a little of both.  Man was I frustrated and hoppin mad.  But then it occurred to me, isn't that what the previous post was all about?  To not give up..... to get it done against all odds.  Hmmmmmmm, someone needs to follow their own advice and man up!  And so I did with this post.

We are often told "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" but I today I kinda wanted to squeeze those lemons in life's eye. If only for a little while.  I had to remind myself that this was not a big deal.  That, while thoroughly irritating, in the grand scheme of things a blog post deletion is pretty minor.  The way I respond to it  however is much more important.  I could choose to be in a foul mood and throw the towel in or I could exercise some true grit and JUST DO IT! Again.

And so today by the most ironic twist of fate, I was reminded again of a most valuable lesson I learned a long time ago.  Learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes but
Keep.  Moving.  Forward. 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old Door.....New Tricks!

In my post decorating on a dime with salvage and garage sale finds I couldn't get enough of how these sometimes discarded pieces could be transformed and integrated into a space.......and look so amazing!

Old doors are my personal favorite though.  Why?  Well, because doors are important in every home. It is the way we welcome someone or something,......and, the way we say goodbye. Either way, we choose. This symbolism makes it all the more special to me.  Also, the aging process/patina on these pieces are just incredible!!!  And some of them are pretty amazing "as is".  No work required.  Gotta love that.  I. So. Do.

Lately my crush on these battered and bruised doors has really gotten out of hand intensified. I am always on the prowl looking for the perfect old door.  I stalk craigslist, my local thrift shops and I always, always, pay attention whenever there is construction going on in/to an old building.  Old doors are that special to me.  They have so much personality, texture, interest, history and of course they can be fully functional.

I personally like the look of adding glass on top of the door which modernizes and enhances the textures underneath.  A perfect combo of old and new.  Luv! Luv!

Of course old doors can be used for headboards, coffee tables, wall pieces and much more but since the desk and head board is perhaps the easiest to do, I chose the desk.  When I feel more confident, who knows, I might build me a coffee table.  Come what may though, one thing I do know for sure.  Am gonna have a lot of fun in the process!  You betcha.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Blog Lovin......Bring it On!

Well now, I guess I must be doing something right.  I just got another blog award and as always I can't get enough blog lovin!  This time it is the Liebster award which is an award for up and coming bloggers with 200-300 followers.  It was given to me by a very special and talented lady, Mystiqua of pursuitoftitus2.  Thanks so much!

The rules for receiving this award are as follows:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshere – other bloggers.
5. Hope your recipients pass the award to their 5 favorite blogs to keep the love flowing.
Note: I read a few posts from bloggers who received the award and the number of followers varies. On some blogs – less than 200 and others wrote between 200 and 300. 
Well, without further ado I would like to award these 5 blogs the Liebster Award...…drum roll please!

Check these blogs out, they are interesting and a treat to read when you are having a little down time.  Enjoy.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

African Fashion....So Haute!

If there is a style that fits me to a tee, I would have to say, it's African fashion.  And not for the reasons one might think.  Nope.  Not because am black.  African fashion suits me because it's vibrant, complex, textured, colorful, soulful, regal, original, but most of all unapologetic!  And that's me in a nutshell.

Yesterday I just happened upon the lead picture in this post and let me tell you, it literally took  my breath away.  I have seen African prints and clothing all my life but this is something different.  Something fresh. This is not about African prints, it's about the spirit of the land and the people.  This is African inspired it's best. You can see the Zebra inspiration, the colors of the earth, the shape and reference to the trees and so much more.  The corn rows and braids are there too, but it is all new.  Reinterpreted. Brilliant. 2012 savvy.  All grown up.

These pictures here are from a spread that was featured in a 2010 edition of Essence Magazine.  This is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  The looks were inspired by the Maasai tribe and styled by Billie Causleesto.  The gorgeous photographs were taken by David Roemer.

I hope this post inspires you to try a little African fashion in your wardrobe.  It could be as simple as adding a striking piece of jewelry, a print skirt, head wrap or patterned shoes.  It's easy to do and the results are all kinds of amazing.

 But don't take my word for it, try it and see for yourself...


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year. New Attitude!

.............HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!..............  

Woo hoo!, we made it. Am totally siked as always but minus a resolution list this time.  I know what I have to do so instead I plan on making a "to do " list on a daily basis and stick to it.  I find this strategy to be more practical for me and less overwhelming.  Also, I can actually accomplish everything that would have been on my resolution list this way, one step at a time.  So much easier.  Now why didn't I think of that sooner......

Now that I am on the subject of resolutions and such, I made a promise on this blog that I am going to make good on today.  I had done a post entitled Weight Loss/Fitness Inspiration Mel B and in that post I promised to share my weight loss "after" photos.  At the time I had gained ten pounds and I was really motivated to lose them.  So, with Mel B as my inspiration and Tae-Bo and Pilates as my method I worked out four times a week for three  long hard months.  And I didn't lose a pound until the fourth week but that's another story I will tell in detail in another post.  Let's just say for now that I was thoroughly disenchanted and frustrated with the whole thing after the third week with no results. 

Hey if you going to pose you might as well commit, lol.

My photos are not the best since they were taken inside with no natural light....cause there was no way I was wearing these "booty" shorts outside where my neighbors could possibly see me.  Absolutely not.  I still have ways to go for the muscle definition I crave but I am encouraged to keep going.  Hey, who knows what'll happen in 2012 with hard work and a little sweat equity.  I don't know exactly but it will be all kinds of fabulous!