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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bling It On!

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but truth be told, we simply love bling!  Rhinestones.  Sequins. Gold. Platinum. Glitter.  Semi-precious and precious stones....

We love to get our shine on!

This time of year more than any other season, bling is not only appropriate but oh so welcome!  You can jazz up your jeans and tees with a sparkly necklace or add a handbag with some sparkle and pizzazz.  It's truly amazing how just by simply adding a little bling here and there you can totally change the look and feel of an outfit.

I personally hoard love skinny sparkly belts. Maybe a little bit too much but hey, isn't it about how the belts make me feel inside?  And let me tell you, I feel all kinds of happy and fierce when I wear them.  I do.  So, do I see more sparkly belts in my future?  A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y!

Now before I go, I have to mention that bling is one of those things that perhaps a warning should  accompany. Something like "Beware, too much bling = tacky" or "Warning: Too much bling = pimp look-a-like" But, since there is no such warning yet, let's just say, you've gone too far when you are wearing "bling" on your teeth. We've all seen it, unfortunately. Not pretty.  We all know that too much of anything, is well.....just too much.   One or two pieces of glittery/shiny accessories is enough to add interest to any ensemble. 

So ladies, lets get our bling on this Christmas.  Why?  Cause it's all kinds of fabulous!



Unknown said...

yey! Certainly I love "blings" not on my nails though but belts and shoes...I am following you from Super Social WAHM

Jessica @ a new adventure said...

I do LOVE everything sparkly...I might attempt to rock it all year round. ; ) I found you on MBC & glad I did. I'm loving your blog.

Jessica @ www.

Ingrid said...

Something shiny and new is just what I need right now! I love it how sequin is becoming more and more popular. :)