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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bringin Booty back!

Beyounce (Singer)

Booty           ba dunk-a- dunk          Junk In the trunk          Bootilicious    
Whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to one thing, a big or considerable size round butt.......ahem, I mean derriere.  I say round because it's what most women and men, especially men, consider attractive.....  

I never thought I would live to see the day but big booties are back!  And heck it's about time.  

What I like most about this is, although there are "bootilicious" women with smaller frames, most often women with considerable  "junk in the trunk" are medium to larger frame.  So, to me, this growing trend is allowing normal, average size women to shine again.  Kinda harkening back to the early to mid 1900's  where women had curves and celebrated them. Gasp.  Imagine that...  

Marilyn Munroe

For the longest time now there has been a fixation with the ultra thin, but this booty craze is 
beginning to shut the door on that.  Big time.  These coveted lady lumps are becoming so desirable that ladies are adding volume to their butt.  

From butt implants to booty pads......what?!!!!  

Yeah, that's right, women are building them some booty. I can't blame them though, curves are beautiful. And yes they are really sexy too, like "put your eyes back in your head sexy".

Here are a few ladies that are famous for their curves, and by that I mean "baby gat back" lol.

Serena Williams  (tennis player)

Jennifer Lopez (actress & singer)

Eva Mendes (Actress & Model)

Nicki Menaj (Rapper)

Mel B (Singer)

Lisa Vanderpump (HWBH Star & Entrepreneur)

Kim Kadashian (hmmm...TV personality?)

Well, am off to enjoy the Thanks Giving spread that is before me.  With all this good food around I wouldn't be surprised if I acquired some volume of my own......

Happy ThanksGiving! 



Katya kate said...

Wow indeed bootilicious!!! Beyonce is so hot! Happy Thanksgiving!

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for this awesome post! I've always hated my big butt! Never thought of it as an ASSet!! LOL!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, sister!

Nekky said...

BOOTILICIOUS!!! Are you kidding me, all these real? I have nothing to show off. Sighs.

Lindsay said...

I wish I had a little bootie!! LOL.

Shanda said...

Glad this is back...makes me feel better :) Followed you here from Jen's blog

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Oh dear, I need some padding....

Alicia said...

I always wanted a bigger booty, but... *sigh* I never got one. LOL.

Cathy of Top Beauty Secrets said...

I want to have it!!!