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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sensational Boudoirs

I've always had a soft spot for bedrooms....nah, nothing weird, kinky or crazy.  The Bedroom just happens to be my favorite room to decorate or admire.  It's such an intimate space.

Think about it, 
. It's where we rest and renew ourselves
. Where we go to escape from stress or have some quiet time
. The place we tuck our precious babies in at bedtime
. And for us married folks, its where the magic happens that made those babies
. And last but not least, it's where us ladies keep our closet!  Need I say more...

Bedrooms are the one place you can let the romantic in you roam free.  Whether you are married or single you can create a space that is, inviting, relaxing, and tailor made to suit your taste, whatever it is.  After all, your boudoir is all about you!

Here are some beautiful bedrooms that really inspired me, I hope they inspire you too.



Sarah said...

These are gorgeous!! I'm visiting from MBC; come see me at

Alicia said...

Those bedrooms look like an ultimate hotel room that I wish I was in right... about.... NOW.