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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Power and Glory of Craigslist!

Listed for less than $50.00 on CL

It is no surprise at all that I have become such a fan of Craigslist.   After all, this site is one ginormous garage sale, and I do love a good garage sale!  What's not to like?  You can find anything on Craigslist, and I mean anything.  Need to hire a clown for your kid's party? Craigslist. Mulch for your garden? Craigslist.......what about a specific style of furniture? done!  You get the picture.  From the refined and expensive to the down right dirt cheap and preposterous, you will find it all on craigslist.  And that's the beauty of it.   Craigslist is there 24/7 in all it's cyber glory churning out new fabulous listings on the minute, and some really strange and ugly ones too............ which makes the searching even more exciting to me.  Kinda like finding a brand new pair of Louboutin's in a box of miscellaneous stuff.  Oh. Happy. Day!!!

Listed for $25.00  on CL

If there is a down side to Craigslist though, it would be arranging the pickup of an item.  My simple rule is never go alone and never let the buyer come to your home.  Always be careful when you are dealing with strangers. It's a rule I practice with no exceptions.

Having said that, my experiences so far has been really good ones. I've even made a few friends in the process so I fully endorse Craigslist to anyone who enjoys garage sales or bargain hunting.  The finds are swwweeeeeeeeet!

All the Above for $500.00 on CL

 Check out the beauties I found today. What do you think?  Do you use Craigslist?

Listed for $100.00  on CL

Listed for $170.00  on CL

Listed for  less than $50.00  on CL


This Wife Cooks said...

Love that desk! I have only used Craigslist once but had a good experience and got a sweet deal on a dresser.

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOSH. Why didn't this hit me sooner? lol, let me explain. I've just recently started going to Goodwill and places like it trying to find "treasures". I've hit up a few garage sales, but why haven't I been looking at the ULTIMATE garage sale? lol. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

p.s. Perhaps I watch too many episodes of Law and Order, but are you ever weary of picking up your finds?

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Most are treasures, though junk for others.