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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Do It!

8 weeks ago, I set out on a journey along with three other inspired ladies to achieve our ultimate health and fitness goals by starting a support group.  And we did.  Every Saturday we email a report to each other on how the week transpired.  Whether we succeeded or failed during the week, we tell it all.

 If someone had a bad day and did succumb to junk food instead of a healthier choice, there is never condemnation.  The focus is always, "Learn from this and keep moving."  The love and support shared by the the ladies in this group never fails to touch my heart.   It really has been a tremendous blessing. 

In the sixth week after joining the group I began to notice a very unexpected dynamic happening within my own life.  I realized that I was naturally applying principals learned in my health and fitness journey to my everyday life............principals like, learn from your mistakes and move on, never give up and "challenge yourself " have become my daily mantras.  And it's not that I didn't know this before or hadn't tried to do this in the past.  Somehow now though, it's much easier to do, very effortless, like breathing.

I am learning that real power is not about feelings too.  Pressing on in spite of those feelings is where the real victory is.  And yes, I know there will be days ahead when I want to throw in the towel but I also know that "wanting to do something is not the same as doing it".  Sometimes  I want pie instead of whole wheat bread, ..........and sometimes, I really don't feel like exercising for 45 minutes .......but I do anyway.  It's all about staying focused and never giving up.  We all have the power to change our own lives.  Whether the goal is big or small, it is all achievable if you believe in yourself and keep working towards your goals.  So, let's just do it!



Dmarie said...

ooh, needed this post! my exercise commitment is sporadic at best. walked a couple of days earlier in the week, but then nada. hiked around a bit today, but the pace wasn't up. tomorrow I'll think of you as I walk at a heart-worthy pace. thanks, Beauty!

Stephanie said...

Great for you! :)

It sounds like you have found something that is really working for you - and as an added bonus, you're applying the positivity to the rest of your life! What an inspiration you are! :)

Alicia said...

Just what I needed to hear/read today. It's so true -- when I'm working out and feel like quitting, I always tell myself "don't give up," "just one more set," etc... Applying them to life is also such a positive way to live.

Congrats to you guys for keeping it up!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Congratulations! I love the positivity! New follower from the MBC!

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