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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cuff Love

I saw this picture on freepeople's web store and I was blown away.  So, of course I just had to share this with you.  How incredible are these bracelets! Wow. 

Mark Jacobs - $98.00

I am a huge cuff fan so If there is one piece of jewelry I highly recommend splurging on, it would be the cuff bracelet. They bring major swag and drama to an outfit, like no other piece of jewelry can. Yep.  They know how to "bring it!"  

shopstyle - around $15.00

I like to wear them stacked or really wide, like two or three inches in width.  I also like mixing different textures, like leather and metals which really makes for interesting and high end looking pieces.  

Ann Taylor - $58.00

Cuff bracelets should be tried on for fit though.  Only buy these online if you know which size works for you, otherwise you may end up with a piece that is ill fitting and not so flattering.  Fit is key here. You don't need to be squeezing your wrist into something uncomfortable.  Once you find the right style and the right fit, you will fall in love with cuffs too!  They are that cool. 


Kendra Scott - $188.00


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I love cuffs too-on other people. My wrists are very small and most cuffs just don't cut it. So thanks for mentioning fit before buying.....But I sure like the look.....

Stephanie said...

Hi there!

I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment and let you know that I am following you back.

I am feeling the cuff love! Give me just about any chunky accessory and I'm a happy girl! I love your choices - and style! :)

I look forward to visiting you often! :)

Unknown said...

nice blog and i love the cuffs. thanks for following my blog, now following you back.


Elana said...

Love the cuffs! Thanks for following me. Looking forward to reading yours for some new style tips!

Unknown said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am a new follower of your as well. I hardly wear any braclets because of the kids but never thought about a cuff, they would be harder to break and pull off. I like the one from Urban Outfitters.

Unknown said...

Hi! I am following you back via the Blog Hop :) I love statement jewelry and these cuff bracelets are awesome!! said...

I love Cuffs! I am working on some DIY ones now. New follower form MBC! Looking forward to folloing your blog. I have a crafty, creative, DIY, fitness and nutritions and homeschool blog :) Kristy from www,

Alicia said...

I started a cuff collection last year and just keep on adding to it. I have absolutely fallen in love with this accessory and can't get enough of 'em. You're right... they do know how to bring it. And that Marc Jacobs one is bringing it right about now.