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Friday, July 8, 2011

Easy, Breezy, Budget Friendly Drop Cloth Curtains

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Oh. My. Goodness!  I have a major fabric crush on canvas drop cloths.  Yup, the same cloth that painters use to catch spills.  Who knew they could be so gorgeous and luxurious looking?  I surely didn't.  

Canvas drop cloths are hardy, textural and has a natural beauty that closely resemble linen.  The edges are sealed so hemming is not necessary though you can if you so desire.  And, because the fabric was actually made to absorb paint spills, it takes paint very well. You can be as creative as you wish without any fear of snagging or damaging the fabric.  Gotta love that!  But wait, there's more. Canvas drop cloths are very budget friendly too, so you will save a bundle! (Four floor length panels cost less than $40.00)  uh huh, uh huh! (insert happy dance)

If I had to choose, my absolute favorite thing about drop cloths would be how they warm up a room.  The fabric allows a beautiful filtered stream of sunshine to penetrate it by day, but at night is thick enough to provide privacy.  Perfect!  

I am so inspired to make a pair of these curtains. They are so beautiful and easy to do.  You don't even have to sew them. All you need is the drop cloth canvas fabric, sewing tape  and an iron which are all available at Walmart.  Check out the easy how- to guide at one of my favorite blogs, and "drop it like it's hot" with drop cloth curtains!



Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I have thought about trying these panels too instead of just using them to cover my garage floor when painting. HMMMMMM

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Alicia said...

Girl, I would have never thought that a canvas drop curtain could be so beautiful. I love the ones that you choose -- there's an understated beauty to it.