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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chic and Wild Safari Style!

When I think of Safari style, I am always amazed by how such wild and primitive elements can become so chic, sophisticated and understated at the same time.  The mix of khaki, furs, animal prints and bold dramatic jewelry creates such a striking that I can never get enough of. Ever.

Safari style is a staple in decor and fashion. And, it has been for eons… well almost.  You can find it pretty much everywhere.  From high end furniture and couture clothing to dishes and throw cushions, the products are endless, the prices varied.

When it comes to animal prints though, a little goes a loooooooooooong way, especially in decor. Go wild but not too wild if you know what I mean.   Start small. Try adding an accent pillow, rug, or accent chair.  Stay away from too many pieces.  Trust me, I have seen what too much animal print looks like and it aint pretty.




CJ Poindexter said...

I LOVE animal print and your tips are perfect. Just a little goes a long way. My fav is the vintage leopard or tiger print coat. I am on the hunt for one!

Thanks for the follow - following you back.


Alicia said...

When paired nicely, animal prints are definitely a fabulous edition to almost anything. Just like you, I love 'em!