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Friday, June 17, 2011

Touched By An Angel

Wanda Mcphee

Two months ago my grandmother whom I love dearly fell critically ill and we almost lost her.  That was a sobering time for not only me but my family on the whole.  You see my grandmother, Sarah, is the matriarch of the family and is the best human being I have ever known.  She is kind, loving, encouraging, funny, nurturing, selfless, smart, wise, forgiving and I can keep on going with the adjectives.  All of them positive, all of them true.  This woman inspires me like no other.

Wanda Mcphee

So when "Grammy" as we affectionately call her fell ill it was as if someone had pushed the "pause" button on my life.  Everything stopped and all that was left was raw nerves and heart ache.  There were so many thoughts going through my head.  I tried to find the positive in it.........nothing.   Finally a call from one of my sisters made all the difference.  My grandmother told her to cheer up and let everyone know (in case she didn't make it) that she had lived a good life and was looking forward to seeing her friends and loved ones who had gone on before her.  She was happy and excited to go to heaven. 

She had experienced a vision prior to falling ill in which she saw heaven in all its splendor and vividly described it to my mother.  She saw lots of people she loved  there and was overwhelmed with peace, love and joy.  In the vision she had stood at the gate wanting to go in so badly but an angel told her that it was not her time yet.  And it wasn't.  Though she is experiencing severe complications from diabetes at the moment she still continues to live life courageously and with joy.  She is thankful for every moment, even if some of those moments are painful.   I am not sure how everything will unfold with Grammy but I know that she will be all right even if this is her time. Her faith and love for  God and the testimony of her life gives me that confidence.   I will see her again.




Alicia said...

Your grandmother sounds like an amazing, amazing person -- someone that you have all learned from and someone who has modeled lots of positive things for your entirely family. Even in her illness, she is still able to pass along lessons to you guys. God bless her!

Beauty and The Green said...

Thanks Alicia, she is really special to all of us. God bless you too for your kind and gracious comments. It means a lot to me.