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Sunday, June 12, 2011

For The Love of Abstract Art

michelle adams
Hello my lovelies, I hope you are having a great weekend!  And if you're not, this will put a smile on your face.  I promise.  Even if you are not a fan of abstract art like I am, these pieces just have a beauty and life of their own that just makes you feel something.  Even if that something is  "what the heck is that?"  You will feel something.  


I have always wondered about abstract Art.  At first I could not appreciate it the way I do now.  I guess I thought that ANYONE could do it, so really as far as I was concerned there wasn't much skill involved.  I was so wrong. 

Abstract art is really one of the purest forms of Art.  There are no rules just you, and what you put on the canvas/paper. There is nothing literal to hide behind....nothing to distract from your composition. Nothing. Either it works or it doesn't.  Great abstraction painters are succesful at conveying moods and emotive qualities without painting anything familiar like a face or an animal.....they know balance scale and how to manipulate tonal values and textures.  In other words these people are on their game!  Perhaps they are on a spiritual/emotional plane that we only get to visit occasionally through their art.  How else can we explain Jackson Pollock?  There is definitely a method to the madness.  

Jackson Pollock

I have mad respect for all abstract painters now.  Why?  Well, of course I tried painting my own abstract painting. Trust me, it's not nearly as easy as it looks.  Here is my hair pulling 6 hour ordeal earnest attempt at this, it did not turn out anything like I envisioned but hey, I tried and I learned an invaluable lesson in the process.  Thou Shall not judge.  Amen.

If I accomplish anything at all with this post I would like that something to be a thank you to all the Abstract painters out there creating Art that keeps us inspired, challenged, and in love with your work! You guys rock!  

Here are some of my favorites. 

Coco Hearts


image source unknown

franz kline

i suwannee

skona hem

eclectic revisited

ken browne art

Elizabeth Chapman



Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

This art! Oohh la la! I have been lusting over some modern art, and secretly would LOVE to release my inner Vincent van Gough and paint! Great pics!

Unknown said...

The only abstract art I have is from my small children!

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I like to paint but have no time. I like the art.