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Saturday, May 7, 2011

For The Love Of Mom - A last Minute Gift Guide

I don't know why this is but somehow no matter how you plan to buy a gift in advance, time always seem to slip away and before you know it you're buying something, anything from Walgreens or the even the grocery the last minute.  Okay, so maybe its not that bad but you know what I mean,  perhaps you've had a similar experience.  Time is just not a team player sometimes.

If there is ever a time you want to marinate on what you are buying or presenting though, do it for for Mothers Day.  I mean, this is for mom, the woman who gave you life, not to mention all the selfless things she does for you out of love every day.  A little effort here is so well deserved....  But Just in case you are having last minute shoppers panic or a melt down, here are 10 gift ideas mom will love! 

A Spa Day
No mother will ever say no to this.  And why would they, after all, if anyone deserves to be pampered, moms do. Trust me you'll even earn a few brownie points with this one.

A Personalized Gift Bag
Since you are privy to what your mom likes best, you have vital information that can actually result in you selecting the perfect gift!  You know her favorite color, candy, fragrance, movie, book, spice, slippers....and all the stuff she admires on TV.  Now take that information and get as many of these items as you can afford and then put them all in a beautiful gift bag. Top this with decorative tissue paper and and you're done!  The best part about this is, your mom will love everything in the bag, guaranteed.

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend and there's some truth to that...but we love great looking jewelry. Period.  If you can afford precious stones like rubies, emeralds, diamonds etc. then go ahead and get mom some high octane bling!  If your heart is willing but your pocket is weak, there are semi-precious stones that are really beautiful, much lower in price and come in various birth stone colors.  Consider stones like garnet, peridot, topaz, opal etc. Find out what your mom's birth stone color is, but do it inconspicuously...we like surprises, and we especially like it when you take a little initiative and think about the gift. Tip: When in doubt try a classic like pearls or something simple in style like this gorgeous and elegant garnet and white topaz necklace. 

(You can find this necklace at for $75.00)

A Work Free Day ( With Advanced Pampering )
This is my favorite gift idea.  Serve mom breakfast in bed with a note or card saying that she is not allowed to do anything for the whole day except relax and enjoy herself. Present her with a beautiful, comfortable bath robe and comfy bedroom slippers. Give her a few of 
her favorite movies or magazines and let her unwind.  During the course of the day, prepare lunch and dinner for her.  She will appreciate your effort and it will really make her day very special!

A Sewing Machine
If your mom is crafty and likes to sew, a sewing machine is the perfect gift for her.  Even more so if she needs a new one or plans to buy one in the future.   Machines have come a long way over the last decade.  They are able to do just about any decorative stitch you can imagine.  And, this is just the kind of gadget that makes a crafty mom really excited!!!  You can find a Singer machine starting at $149.00  here.
Magazine subscription Or Favorite Books
Whether its a magazine subscription, cook books or novels, books make a really excellent gift.  You are basically giving the gift of knowledge to someone you love, now how awesome is that!
An Ipad
This is the the gift that keeps giving.  Your mom will be able to assemble recipes, keep tract of appointments and organize better in general, send and receive emails, listen to music, shop, and so much more with the Ipad.  If your mom is even a little technology savvy, she will love this, besides, you can always show her how to use it.  Once she gets the hang of it, this will be a favorite!

Hair Combs
Hair combs are gorgeous gifts for women with "bob" length hair and longer.  These come in a wide array of styles and prices so its all about your own personal preference.  In this case since its for your mother, consider her favorite color, and think about her style.  Is it vintage, modern, ultra trendy?  Either way, every time mom wears this, she will  think of you!  So make it good.

 Coupons Just For Mom
If you are unable to buy a gift and want to do something meaningful or thoughtful, just make some coupons.  Each coupon entitles mom to various leisure activities and benefits around the home. .This is especially great for older children and husbands who can take over for mom for a few hours and provide the service required. Make a handmade card for mom and have all the children color and sign it. Present the card with the coupons inside.  (You can also down load these same coupons at

Flowers & Chocolate
You can never lose with flowers and chocolate.  Lilies, roses and peonies are beautiful and elegant choices but there are so many other gorgeous and fragrant flowers to choose from.  The chocolate is the perfect compliment to the flowers, moms around the world approve!

Well thats a wrap my friends.  I hope this helps you to select a wonderful gift for your mom.  Let me know how it goes and all the best to you for a happy and blessed Mothers Day!

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