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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Magic Of Mirrors In Decor

Venetian mirrors inside Coco Chanel's home

Mirrors by far are my favorite design element in home decor.  Why is that? You might ask.   Well, for starters, you can find a mirror in just about any style, shape, size or color under the sun.  And if that isn't good enough reason, here are some other reasons why mirrors are so amazing.

Original Louis Philippe mirror

Use A Mirror To:
  • reflect light from a window or chandelier throughout a room
  • reflect an outdoor view
  • visually expand a space (the reflection doubles the expanse/space)
  •  basic function – to check hair/makeup before leaving the house
  • to introduce a different shape or texture
  • to reinforce a style with the frame shape
  • to create a focal point in an otherwise featureless room

Of all the features and benefits the mirror provides, I must say that the light, space and airiness it brings to a room is what I enjoy most.  Interior decorators say that a mirror should reflect a wonderful view.  I agree.  Mirrors look best in places where they can reflect light from a window, or where they are adjacent to a window so that you see "outside" in them...trees, the get the point.  So, if you have a small space or would like to kick it up a notch in your home consider adding a mirror.  You'll be surprised at how this simple addition can transform and liven up a room.

Here are some great mirror photos for inspiration, enjoy!
Picture from decor magazine

Antique french mirror - origin unknown

Gorgeous mirror with column detail - origin unknown

Drift wood mirror


Unknown said...

I always love to visit your site! I too love to use mirrors. Gorgeous inspirations photos! Thanks again, you always give me some ideas to try in my own home. Happy Tuesday!

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