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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its All About The Napkin Ring

I truly believe that beauty is in the details.  A good example of this is the napkin ring.  It is not a necessity to set a table, however, it is such a quick and easy way to spice up a table setting.

 Napkin rings come in so many shapes, styles and prices, the choices are endless.  You can also make your own, this way you can personalize the colors and style to fit your own specific taste.  If you have broken costume jewelry, ribbons or old magazines somewhere in the house, you can make your own napkin rings from these materials quite easily.  Since napkin holders do not take up much space on a table and they are easily stored, why not create different styles for different occasions......  Just take a look at these beauties and you'll see what I mean.

These are ceramic with sea shells as an accent.  I like the way how each one is slightly different in color and texture from the other. 

Go above and beyond the norm.   Add a couple of brooches or earrings in different shapes and sizes to fabric napkin holders.   Your guests will notice and appreciate this sophisticated detail.

This is so unusual and chic.  Check out the Swarovski crystals on this! You can also get a similar look with rhinestones. 

Lol, the next time you see a pine cone, pick it up.  

All I can say is wow.  So fresh and delectable looking, yet sooooo simple.

These gorgeous napkin rings were repurposed from vintage spoons and forks.  

Burlap napkin rings are so textural and nostalgic to me.  The addition of this sweet red ribbon makes it extra special.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our napkin tour.  I sure did.  Before I leave though, you'll find a step by step guide at to make your own napkin rings.  The tutorial is super easy and a lot of fun.  Happy crafting!

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