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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fierce And Fabulous Spring Fashion Looks

Beautiful weather is not the only appeal of Spring.  Just take a peak at any fashion magazine during this season and you will see what I mean.  The fashion choices are endless. And, if you happen to love clothes the way I do, then you are going to enjoy all the stylish options available. Here are some looks that I really really like.

All of the fashion featured here is available on www.shopstyle,com  Enjoy!
Caution:  Prolonged exposure to this post can lead to at least 3 of the seven deadly sins.   Envy, Lust and Greed.

Okay. Am just kidding.

This bag is just gorgeous.  Its a great size to carry your stuff and a very modern approach to the straw bag. Oh!, and its only around $50.00 Love!!!

The color palette on this bag is very unusual and appealing to me.  I really like the shape and size too.

A bib necklace will make the most basic outfit sing! Its truly a must-have piece. This one goes with everything but has a little bling to it.  What's not to love about this...

I have a thing for army green.  Its sophisticated, a little naughty and a whole lotta nice.

These sandals will make an ordinary outfit spectacular.  The fact that its red is just marvelous!

This bag is just beautiful.  The straw texture and color makes for a very dramatic and standout piece. This would look great with shorts and cute sandals.

I really like the nod to romance in this look, it is so feminine and delicate, but confident at the same time.

I love the nautical to this look.  A very classy look with just enough sparkle from the gold accents.

You cannot go wrong with clogs and wedges.  They are comfortable and effortlessly chic.  And who wouldn't want that....

This look is fierce.  I like the fact that you can get so many different looks from this dress.  Its like a blank canvas. Add a blazer, heels, scarf, vest, colorful belt or a cardigan and you can create new looks time after time after, you get the point.  You can do a lot with this.

Well, thats all folks, for more fabulousity be sure to check out Cherio!

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Dmarie said...

I have a thing for army green too... Had a military style army green jacket that I just loved--until that Twilight movie came out! gave it to DD after seeing the movie, 'cause I figured too many young women would start wearing the style! (only got to wear it one season! wah! ;)