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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vive La Toile!

If I knew the French national anthem or could actually speak French, I would salute the French people every time I see a piece of Toile.  But, since I cant, on behalf of myself and Toile lovers world wide, I say a heartfelt, merci beaucoup!

Even if you are not familiar with the word "Toile", chances are, you have seen it before.  And, having seen it, you will not easily forget it. Yes, Toile is that memorable.  Now, I realize that my opinion may be a tad biased since Toile and I enjoy such a long and exciting relationship, but trust me, this fabric is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
What Is Toile Exactly....
Toile, (pronounced twall) is short for Toile de Jouy, and is a fabric used in home decor.  The pattern on the fabric is repeated and traditionally depicts a fairly complex French Provincial scene that visually tells a story.  Toile is usually one-color, most often greens, brown, black, dark red, blue and sometimes magenta on a creme or white background.  Toile de juoy originated in France in the 18th century and is revered and loved for its romanticism and classic beauty. 

Today, its possible to find Toile with many different pastel backgrounds which makes it even more popular in home decor.  So, whether you prefer the traditional Toile like I do or the newer versions of this fabulous fabric, try it, Toile never disappoints.  

There is something about this fabric that is so charismatic that it gives a space a whole new personality.  It has just the right impact without being a show off.  I like that.

Toile is a very romantic fabric. The patterns exudes a certain nostalgia that just warms the heart.  With Valentine's day approaching, a touch of Toile for a table setting or perhaps your boudoir is a very cozy and refreshing look.

One of the things I love most about this fabric is its classic beauty.  And we all know that classic only gets better with time.

Because of its one-color palette and vast array of themes, Toile is a very versatile fabric.  Whether its a throw pillow, wall paper, curtain or bedspread, adding a bit of Toile to your decor will invigorate your space.  Try Toile with gingham or a check fabric for maximum drama.

I hope this post inspires you to put a little Toile in your life.   
Bonne journée!

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LR Photography said...

Your blog is full of bright things and wonderful decor, congratulations.

Brandi said...

I LOVE Toile and the whole "Shabby Chic" look! I only wish I could get my husband to jump on board!

I love the yellow! It is so light, airy and fresh! I am itching to redo our room and this is a huge contender!

sim only plans said...

I LOVE Toile and the whole "Shabby Chic" look! I only wish I could get my husband to jump on board!

Erika said...

Oh MY, I love toile. I have for ages. I just love it! And I love all the pretty toile pictures you put up. You have a lot of great things in me a little inspired to go to the thrift store again. Haven't been in awhile!

And wanted to say thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Monica said...

Hi! I'm a new blogger and follower. Check out my blog and follow me too!

Anonymous said...

I love this! I plan to incorporate a little Toile in my home when we buy our house.... Great Ideas!