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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love. Straight From The heart

If there is ever a time I thank God for being born female, its just before and on Valentine's day.  And its not for the reasons one might think.    

What makes me grateful to be a woman on Valentines day is not having the pressure and anxiety that most men feel to go beyond what they did the previous year.  To be more romantic, to buy a bigger/ better gift and to wow everyone, not just his wife or girlfriend. Especially if the gift or flowers is delivered at work.  In a lot of ways its like a competition with drastic consequences if you mess up. The gift has to be spectacular or the poor guy finds himself in the dog house, on the sofa, or enduring "the silent treatment."  Either way, there is a serious lopsided dynamic happening here that women do not experience.  

Now, I am not endorsing the inactions of inconsiderate men.   Those of you who year after year fail to let your lady know just how special she is to you, shame on you.  I suggest you get your act together and start making changes.  Like right now.  Am no Dr Phil but one thing I do know is that everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated.  If you show your spouse more love and affection, your relationship will become deeper and more fulfilling.  As a direct result, you will be a happier man and there will be peace in your home. A woman needs to feel that she is heard, loved and appreciated in her home.  Its the greatest gift you can give her.

Contrary to the commercials and marketing rhetoric, love is not measured in chocolate, red roses or karats.  Love is measured by our actions.  Our actions speak much louder than our words ever could.  I truly believe that true romance is in the little things we do for each other.  Like when your man offers to cook, do laundry or take the kids to the park just to give you a little time to relax.  Or how he remembers your likes and dislikes and tries his best to only do what you like.  Thats love. 

Some of the most romantic experiences I've had with my husband were unplanned and spur of the moment.  Like the time he stopped a public transit bus after it had already pulled off just to "kiss his wife bye" and then get right back on.  And, over the years he has surprised me with river rocks, beach glass, wild flowers, shells, sand from my favorite beach in the Bahamas and so much more.  He's a hardcore city guy and not at all outdoorsy like me so its that more special to me that he would go to these lengths to make me happy. Although I do receive expensive gifts from my husband sometimes and despite the fact that he enjoys spending money on me, I am glad that he knows that I love him.  Not the stuff.  

And Thats Amoire.


Alicia said...

Everyone DOES want to feel loved and appreciated. Guys really don't have it easy on V-Day. Thank goodness I'm a woman!

Cascia Talbert said...

I agree with you that acts of love are much better than gifts. My husband and I don't exchange gifts on Valentine's Day.

Becca said...

Aww the kiss from the bus is super romantic! THAT is romance. Thoughtfulness. Simple things are so romantic. A little note or even an email or a text can be romantic. I don't think guys always understand that. Fluffy stuff is nice, but thoughts are what are romantic. And knowing you are heard and loved. Hope you guys have a happy valentine's day :)