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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update, Organize And Refresh Your Home Office. Yes You Can!

If I were a super hero, my kryptonite would be clutter.  Put me in a very disorganized and chaotic work space and if I cannot get it fixed pronto, I melt down like ice cream on a hot plate.  I know, it sounds crazy but its true.  With this firmly in mind I decided to revamp my home office.  When am done it will be functional, stylish and tailor made to fit my personality.  I am so excited!

Personally, I only want the bare essentials on my desk like the computer, phone, and a note pad.  Everything else usually is within arms reach but organized in a drawer out of sight.  My only exception to this is if there is shelving above my desk.  These shelves can be used for storage and to stylize the office as well so I add personal things I enjoy like beautiful hardcover books and my favorite pottery.  Items like framed Art, potted plants, and other momentos are also a great choice to personalize an office.  Be careful not to over accessorize though, make careful selections for your display. Remember:  Its harder for something to stand out if everything else is clamoring for attention. 

Easy Tips & Tricks

1.  Desks, metal and wood filing cabinets can often be updated with spray paint.  

You can also improve desks and define the space by covering drawer faces and walls with wall paper.  If you a have a desk that do not match your filing cabinet, try one of these ideas for a more unified look.  Tip:  If possible, put your desk near a window that overlooks the  garden or scenery you enjoy for added tranquility and natural light. 

2. Storage is vitally important to keep your office organized, clutter free and it can also add personality to your work space.  Stop looking at storage bins/units as just a necessity and challenge yourself to embrace the creative possibilities.

3. Trash containers used to be another of those office necessities that you just buy and use without much thought.  Not any more. There are so many stylish trash containers available now, so buy something you really like.

4.  If you have a wooden desk that is a little dated or scratched, why not spruce it up?  You can paint it a beautiful color of your choice, add a glass top, even decoupage it.  The sky is the limit.

5.  Define your office space by using a free-standing decorative screen, wall art, or an area rug.

Whatever improvements you decide to make to your office, remember to enjoy the experience.  After all this is one makeover that will bring you countless returns! Literally.

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Alicia said...

Same here. I like things to be neat and organized in every aspect of my life. I simply cannot function when things are untidy around me. These are great tips. I don't have a home office, but a little space in the corner of the living room. I love storage bins and I hae a lot of them for my son's corner and play area. Now I just need to get some fro myself. LOL.

becca said...

Great ideas and tips!

Roger said...

whoaa..nice picture. I think i will decorate my place like that...

Anonymous said...

Great post - you've got some really good tips and I just love the inspiration! I linked this to my offices post too today, well done!

Beauty and The Green said...

Awesome! Am glad you found it helpful/inspirational.

Jude Williamson said...

Your office designs are inspiring. Thanks! Organised workspaces are just divine, don't you think? Say goodbye to clutter! This blogger just gave us all some home office ideas to follow.