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Friday, January 21, 2011

In Pursuit of Happiness And Good health

Though I am usually a pretty calm and laid back person, there is one thing that can causes me to become unglued, and that is a health scare.  I literally go from zero to panic mode in two seconds flat.  Since I am a very strong person spiritually and emotionally, this is very perplexing and out of character for me. What is this weird gravitation to self diagnose on the web for every blister, bump or pain I get.  Am I the only one doing this? 
A few years ago I had developed a very bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome, at the time I had no idea what it was so of course I googled the symptoms. Big mistake.  Google basically informed me that I had Parkinson's disease and I was convinced that this was true.  I was inconsolable.  Thank God I was alright after a few days but since that episode there has been other occasions where yet again I did the same thing.  Am I not a woman of faith? This is one habit that needs to be permanently kicked to the curb! 
Yesterday I had an epiphany or what Oprah refers to as an "Aha moment".  I had a pain and was googling it as usual.  This time though, in the midst of my search it occurred to me that I could either choose to believe that I was in good health or look for reasons to prove I wasn't.  It was only then that I truly got it.  If Life is what I make it then I choose to be happy and in good health.  I am going to laugh more, sing more, and dance more.  And, instead of promising to start exercising tomorrow, I will do it today.  Now where did I put those dumbbells....


Babysmartees said...

Your site is beautiful - the way your color scheme follows your theme. Really nice.

Found you on Mom Bloggers. Hope you will follow me too:

becca said...

lol, I have self diagnosed myself with some CUH-RAYZEE things. I've had Krohns disease, an ulcer and I can't even think of what else google told me I had. I even went to the ER and completely embarrassed myself because I was worried I had something. I too have decided to not google things unless it's really severe. I don't exactly think it is bad to try and identify your symptoms though. Because there are doctors out there who easily dismiss your symptons and prescribe medicine to simply mask the symptoms instead of trying to alleviate or prevent the symptoms. So it is a good idea to be educated on your own health. It's all about balance :)

And good idea on the working out thing. Have you done yoga? i just started about 3 weeks ago and Im head over heels in LOVE! And have lost 3lbs so far :) Also feel soooo good mentally and physically and feel really strong and good. I looooove yoga!

Beauty and The Green said...

Wow, that interesting you would mention yoga, I promised myself I would try Ti chi or yoga this week! Lol, thanks so much for letting me know am not the only one who did this and I will definitely try yoga. Sounds amazing.