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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free At Last!

 So I really tried soooooooo hard to put my big girl drawers on and not complain about the  snow storm that bombarded us here in Atlanta a week and a half ago. It left a lot of us sequestered in our houses and wreaked havoc with traffic, business and so much more.... but I tried to be optimistic since I had such a blast when it snowed on Christmas day!  After being in the house for a whole week though, I cannot express to you my level of happy, the snow-a-thon is finally over!  Am sure my son is even happier, being locked up in a house with a deranged claustrophobic person is not exactly a fun experience.  

By day five of my imprisonment confinement, I could'nt take it anymore.  Despite being told not to leave the house, I decided to do it anyway.  Afterall, I was only going as far as the mailbox.  What the heck, this is Atlanta not Alaska!  Okay, so I carefully navigated my way to the mailbox crunching along through the white stuff and I was feeling pretty good about it until I stepped on something that felt like the equivalent of baby oil on glass.  Yes my friends, that would be black ice.  I went down like a sack of potatoes. Suddenly everything was in slow motion, I can even remember thinking as I went down, "Man, I sure hope the neighbors is not seeing this!"  Now I can tell the story with a smile but it was so very embarrassing at the time.  If there is any good in this at all though, it would be that I limped away with bruised pride and a sore right arm but no broken bones.  And next time I will listen to good cautionary advice. 
Well, fast forward four days and I am finally able to resume my life as I knew it. Full mobility included!  Its amazing how you never appreciate the little things until they are taken away.  I am enjoying it all, especially the "non slip" trek to my mailbox.  
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Concerned American Citizen said...

Oh, I know that feeling. We all have those moments we wish no one was looking. I'm glad the snow is melting too to get a break until the next storm hits. :)