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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calm & Relaxing Beach Decor

There is something about water that just puts me in a whole other space no matter how I feel at the time.  Whether its the visual of pregnant droplets on a leaf or the pitter patter of rain outside my window, its like a tiny slice of heaven, at least to me.  And so, it came as no big surprise to me upon researching the benefits of water elements in the home that water can indeed add healing properties to a space. 

The very sound of running water has been proven to reduce stress in a person by releasing endorphins that create a calmer mood.  And, a calmer, more serene space can lead to a more productive and happier environment for everyone.  Who wouldn't want that?  If you think about it, tropical destinations with beautiful white sandy beaches and clear water are the most popular destinations around the world. Why is that? Its because the the average person dream of living on the ocean front, near to a lake, or some large body of water.  I too would love to be on the beach right now if I could.  Since thats not possible at the moment, here are some of the tips and tricks I employ to bring the calm and serenity of the beach to my home instead.

1. Beach Finds
I love adding beach finds to my decor.  Whether its sea shells, beach glass, drift wood, sand or even interesting rocks, it makes a stylish statement if done right.  Beach finds are so versatile you can display them in just about any room of your home. If you are not confident in arranging your finds, get a glass jar, or vase in a shape that you like.  Tip: The simpler the better.  Put the shells and found treasures in there and you are done. Arranging your finds on a dish is also very attractive in a space.

2. Beach inspired Photographs and Paintings 

Another look I absolutely adore is a series of pictures of the sea in its various moods or one huge piece of Art depicting the ocean.  Its so relaxing to look at and the colors are just breath taking.  If you prefer to have paintings of shells or fish, this also works just as well, since your brain will automatically think of the ocean and the beach just by seeing corresponding objects.  How amazing is that.

3. Desk Top Water Fountains and Fish Tanks
A friend of mine bought me a desktop water fountain, and I loved it!  It was only about four inches wide and five inches tall but it made my day every day just to have a little piece of therapy in the middle of a chaotic day. Its definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  If you are able to get one of these its the best.  Another popular way to bring the beach to your home is through fish tanks.  Not only is a fish tank great to look at, you will also literally add new life to your home.  In my my opinion its these personal touches that makes a house a home.

4.  Hard Cover Books and Transparent bottles

This is the last tip/trick but not the least by far.  Being a glass lover myself, I think pairing the smoothness and transparency of glass with the simple angular shape of stacked hardcover books is just divine. Furthermore the books  because they are on beach related topics often have photographic compositions on the front that can add to the look you are trying to capture.  I loved this look so much I even created my own beach glass mosaics from sand, beach glass and shells. Hopefully this post will inspire you and motivate you!. Sometimes the most precious and beautiful things in life is right at our finger tips. It is our Inner peace and calm that allows us to focus on what's most important to us.  So, here's to peace and relaxation!

All beach photos were taken in Long Island, Bahamas.


Alicia said...

I love the beach finds. it makes me feel so calm. And it makes me want to take a vacation to an exotic beach somewhere. LOL.

scrappinmammaw said...

Oh I would love to be there right now! Latest follower from MBC :)
come visit me when you can!

Have a great nite!

furygirl3132 said...

Beautiful pictures. I am a new follower from the Simply Follow group at Mom Bloggers Club, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful evening!


Michelle said...

I love your pictures of the water. It's so beautiful and peaceful. The shells on the wall around pictures is awesome. I totally love how you did that. I found you on MBC and I'm your new follower. Good luck with hitting your 100 goal. You will get it real soon.


Brenda said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I'm following you from MBC.


Unknown said...

hey there i am following from mbc. i would love it you are able to check out my blog.

Victoria (Mommy Is Green) said...

I love the water too! I definitely crave the beach. Unfortunatley, I live in the northeast and see a lot of snow. Some beach decor could definitely perk up my winter mood. Great post!

becca said...

ahhh I would LOVE a beach house to decorate! the Bahamas looks so beautiful!! The only time I have ever lived in a beach climate was when we lived in Hawaii. Im really missing that weather this time of year :)

heidileanne said...

Love these ideas! I want to decorate our house so badly but my husband doesn't want to spend the money until we are own our own home.
But I love getting all the ideas I can for when I can spend money on decorations.
(also following from MBC)

Martina J said...

Wow you really have an eye for beauty. Beautiful pictures. I especially love the pictures of the sunsets. I am a sucker for sunsets!

Thanks for visiting my blog and following them! All The best to you!!!