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Sunday, December 12, 2010

With A Grateful Heart

As we approach Christmas day every single hour the shopping and mad dash for decorations or last minute gifts greatly intensifies.  Unfortunately the stress levels for most people are becoming just as elevated and intense with each swipe of the credit card and each new receipt for items purchased. Why do we do this to ourselves every year? When I found myself venting to a dear friend of mine about my impending holiday doom, I suddenly had a moment of absolute clarity.  Is all of this really necessary for me to have a merry Christmas? 

Well, the answer to that after some thought is a resounding No!  Oh happy day!  
With this new found sense of freedom, there's a new sheriff in town. 

Yes, I still plan on giving and receiving gifts this year however, I will make an effort not to think so much about what is given but appreciate  the spirit in which it was given. Now I am not advocating giving a gift that is useless or thoughtless, in fact I am encouraging you to do just the opposite. 

 Before you run off to the mall think about who you are buying something for, are they artistic, romantic, sentimental, adventurous, superficial? If they are the latter, off to the mall you go!, if not you may be able to give something that you can make or put together yourself. Some of the the best gifts I have ever been given have been gifts that were fairly inexpensive but totally took into consideration some of the  things I love. I have received everything from lemon meringue pies to exotic seeds, pods and beach glass, and I was just as thrilled to get them as someone who perhaps got a designer bag. It made me feel special and this is what we strive to do for others at Christmas.  I really want to celebrate this Christmas in the true spirit of the season which is love.  I figured I would make a list and check it off as I complete each task.  Well, here goes, am sharing this with you since these are all Godly deeds that cost little or no money to do but will bring joy and love not only to our own hearts but to all around you.  And that my friends as we all know is what Christmas is all about!

    Christmas To Do List
  1. Give a hand written letter or handmade Christmas card to someone who I care about but haven't  spoken to in a while.  In my own words tell them how much they mean to me.
  2. Bake something that one of my siblings really likes and surprise them with it.
  3. Give a gift to a child whose parents cannot afford gifts for the holidays
  4. Spend quality time with my family with absolutely NO computer time on Christmas day.
  5. Pray and have a grateful heart throughout the holidays
  6. Do a free piece of Graphic design for a new startup business
  7. Hug more and be more affectionate
  8. Wish the telemarketer a Merry Christmas instead of hanging up on him or her right way
  9. Compliment and tell people when they are doing a good job or if they look nice
  10. Smile more, especially with someone who seems to be having a bad day


Julie said...

Found you through MBC and am following now. I love your message about Christmas...I'm so excited to find someone else out there who gets it!! Have a very merry Christmas! Come on over for a visit at

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a NEW follower from MBC

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Unknown said...

Following you back from MBC... VERY good ideas for Christmas! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to consider thoughtful ways to celebrate. :o)


DP said...

Hi! Following you now from MBC! Check out my blog and follow back when you get a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog on Christmas. It warms my heart to hear you talk about the thoughtful and simple gifts to give to those around you. And it is even more special when it is coming from the heart. Merry Christmas to you and love ones.

Your BFF

MommyB Knows Best said...

Great post!! I love it, we're trying to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas and realizing it's challenging but totally worth it!

This Wife Cooks said...

Thanks for following me. Your blog is beautiful! Love, love, love it! I'm your newest follower! :)

Unknown said...

This is a fabulous list of Christmas goals! I really love it! I saw you on MBC and am a new follower!