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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Color me CORAL

I cannot tell you how many times I have admired...ahem...okay, drooled over just about anything in Coral colors even if the product or item itself was hideous.  Yes, the color is that fierce, at least to me.  Unfortunately for many years, the fashion world has either completely ignored or overlooked this fabulous color.......that is until now!  Its the new Fall color!!! Alright, let me calm down so I can articulate without  saying "woo-hooo!!" like a two year old.  Wow.......finally.

Now I know you're thinking, what's the big deal, its only a color.  My friend, this is where you are mistaken, Coral is not just a color.  Coral is ALIVE, don't believe me?  Allow me to explain.

Coral Reefs - 
Coral reefs are actual living invertebrate animals that reside in the ocean.  Though they all secrete a limestone shell around themselves and look like stone they are alive. Coral reefs are vast in beauty, variation of colors, sizes, shapes and species and they provide a home for 25 percent of marine species. 
Healing Ability: Coral is used for difficulties of the lungs, digestion, circulation of the blood and aids in healing the heart. Coral is believed to to restore emotional harmony, heal nutritional deficiencies, depression and lethargy. 

Mystical power: Coral is said to cure madness and impart wisdom. It is also used to build an emotional foundation and protect children. In some cultures it is used to aid in the safe crossing of rivers, passages and through tempests. In addition  this, Coral is recognized for its ability to excite nerve power, brilliancy, gladness and foster good health. Unfortunately it is believed that Coral loses loses its power once broken.

Conch Shells:
The conch is a marine mollusk (sea snail) with a beautiful dramatic shell.  It is a delicacy in the Caribbean and the shell is used in decor, fine jewelry and other forms of Art. Items made from conch shells are generally referred to as Coral.  If you have an opportunity to own a piece of jewelry made with this shell, do yourself a favor and get it. Coral is very valuable and highly collectible. Check out the cameos pins in this post, some of them are from the 1800's, absolutely gorgeous!

Okay, now that I have briefed you a little on this, let me tell you why I am so excited.  First of all, this color looks great on just about every skin tone.  No joke, it really does.  From makeup to decor and clothes, this color rocks!  Before I could hardly find anything nice in this color, even when I was specifically looking for it. Now that its the new hot thing for fall just look at all the goodies I found already! Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas to me, yes indeed.

Find all of these gorgeous pieces at the links below:

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